Silestone is a beautiful material made from 94 percent natural quartz, which makes it extremely sturdy and resilient. It is also an high-quality surface for kitchen worktops, floors, bathrooms, as well as wall cladding by utilizing the minimum number of joints.

About the worktop:

Silestone is a natural Quartz meant to use for bathroom and kitchen decoration from a procedure that provides visual aspect, a wide range of rich colours, exceptional textures and spectacular properties.

Acid and Scratch Resistant

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals in the world, which makes Silestone worktops very durable, with a high level of resistance to any external aggressions.

Stain Resistant


Silestone is a non-porous material and is also highly resistant to stains from vinegar, wine, coffee, olive oil, lemon juice, makeup and a whole lot more products that can easily damage other worktop material.

Impact Resistant


This worktop’s high impact resistance transcends any other similar products made up from other solid surfaces (such as Granite). This important feature warrants safety in your kitchen, especially when handling hard and heavy kitchen objects, such as pots and pans.

This resistance is achieved thanks to its polyester resin elasticity, its quartz hardness, and its vibro-compression system utilized during its manufacture.

Colour Assistant

Silestone worktops are now widely obtainable in more than 90 different colours, which means that there is a Silestone colour meant for your theme or design in mind. With three different textures to combine; namely suede, polished, and volcano, there could be endless design possibilities to which you can achieve!

Try out this wonderful worktop for yourself and experience its wondrous beauty!

The Marble Store specializes in designing and manufacturing the finest quality worktops for their UK consumers. Over 16 years of experience in responding to the unique needs of the stone industry made them one of the grand producers of granite worktops in the country. Now, with the trust of most consumers, they are now able to produce different edge details and finishes that will make most homeowners fall in love with their creations.

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