How to Use Floating Shelves to Make Your Home Interior Beautiful

Floating wall shelves are super additions to any homes. They amplify a brilliant splash of color & groove to almost every other room. They are completely customizable in color and size. They are built so that they can be hung horizontally and vertically. Shelving is one of the most articulate & innovative way to stuff things. It is a boon for people who live in smaller apartments and face space cramping. Since, they are customizable, they are more popular & one of the best selling products these days. Floating shelves are definitely making a comeback, like they were so popular in 1950’s.Like other odd old ideas, these have also been receiving a greater attention as homeowners now are exploring variations and want a simple look. Out of these shelves, White floating shelves have great demand nowadays, the white color is a perfect fit for most of the rooms. The idea in itself looks quite promising and has a very bright future.

What exactly is a floating shelf?

A shelf and that too floating in the air is the first thought that comes across the mind. Yes! These are leading edge, ingenious solutions that completely transforms your wall with the extra storage solution or even display space. Affordability and hassle free assembly is what makes it so modern & resourceful as well. Whatever way you take these floating shelves as, be it an extra storage space or just for décor, the display is the unique selling point.

Floating shelves are chart topping products which are brilliantly made considering the demands of contemporary home owners. Let’s peep into several highlights that make them much in demand.

Easy to install:

With any utility that is to be attached to a wall, assembling becomes war. Either you depend upon the technician to mount the product or else run into the house to find the exact hardware of its DIY stuff. Both the cases are outdated now. More and more manufacturers have now started selling products which are easy to install by the customer. The market being a lot of more competitive these days specially the online market, these things are more crucial. Buying stuff offline i.e. from shops gives you a better weightage since the shop owners hire technicians who can service and fit your stuff exactly the way it is used to be. Since, e-commerce is aggressively popping up; techniques like these have in turn boosted the sales. The kit usually comes with measurements and hardware which is just as plain sailing as it can be. A little common sense can help you assemble your shelves in the apt manner that too at a better price.

Invisible hardware:

Floating wall shelves look flimsy and brittle to the naked eye. But the beauty of it is the hidden brackets which make them distinctive. The floating effect is a view to die for. Coming to the reality, unlike the structure, the shelves are very much strong and sturdy enough since they are supported with good quality screws and brackets. Floating shelves not only look cool but they also serve the purpose. Technically, the manufacturers have taken care of the assembling criteria, since they are aware that these shelving units have no external support other than a handful of brackets and screws. They have thus worked efficiently to design these shelves with durable and superior quality hardware that ensures heavy weight can easily be resisted by these shelves.

Enhanced look:

The idea of unraveling your space is a tricky decision especially when you have little space. Owning the floating shelves is a great idea to make your space clutter free. Not only this, they do enhance the décor of your home. The versatility that these shelves offer is boundless. Like for instance you can go for glass floating shelves which offer a classy and sophisticate look to your home. Plus, combining it with LED lights can just be an icing on the cake. A variety of colors, finishes, textures, shapes and what not are available which is a huge plus point. No matter what, floating shelves can certainly revolutionize your space for sure.


The fact that floating shelves are mounted on the walls without external hardware makes its manufacturers impart material which is strong enough to resist temperature & weight. Moreover, the brackets are well secured in the walls, thanks to the good quality screws. This ensures the placement of heavy material on the shelves with much ease.

Hexagon Cubby wall floating shelves :

Hexagon Cubby wall floating shelves

The “WOW” factor is an impressive characteristic that these shelves own. These custom made honeycomb shelves get its name from the honeycomb obviously. The shapes of these shelves are geometrical and eccentric. They are much ideal for outdoor shelving as you can see in the picture. Of course, not challenging its versatility, they are look good in offices and homes as well giving the pesky walls an amazing touch. Most of these shelves are built up of pine wood which gives a much natural effect which is inspiring and enticing at the same time.

Geometric floating wall shelves:

These geometric wall floating shelves are unique ones. Some manufacturers do customize as per your preference. They are much painted with ecological colors that are heat & weather resistant. They are a pleasure to watch at and stands pretty well against any wall. They do much effort to liven up boring walls. The hardware is invisible and is sturdy to stock up bottles, pots, artifacts, books etc. It is therefore an ideal storage solution for any size of home within the budget.

Geometric floating wall shelves

The pricing range of these floating shelves is quite influential. Why? They start from $ 10 & can go up to even several thousand dollars. So every income group is targeted here. From a small to large apartments, these shelving units take up the space smartly. Customized shelves are now available wherein you can alter the color, material or even the shape to perfectly synthesize with your home decor.

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