One of the biggest challenges that face anyone who does any sort of construction is keeping your job site neat. It doesn’t matter whether you are in charge of twenty people or you’re just one person doing a bathroom renovation, the situation is the same.

Keeping your job site is important for numerous reasons, not limited to safety and knowing where your gear and materials are. When you’re in Tampa, keeping things clean can start with getting a reliable team like Dump Squad USA to haul away the debris around your work site. Here are five ways you can keep your construction site neat and organized.

  1. Clean Up As You Goo – If you clean up as you go, you’ll find that the cleanliness sort of takes care of itself. That means that when you finish roughing in a door, the scrap lumber doesn’t just get tossed to the side. It means that your carpenter’s assistants remove any loose nails and places the scrap in the appropriate bin.
  2. Mise en Place – When cooking, the French use this phrase to note that everything has its place. When you prep, you have everything ready at hand and that makes the cooking go much easier. When you’re renovating something, making sure you have all the tools you need at hand means that you don’t have to go rummaging to find them. And that prevents you from making a mess before the job has even started.
  3. Recycle Appropriately – You should recycle whether you’re running a commercial site or just going it alone. And doing so will help make your site cleaner and tidier. Make sure that you have bins and places for the different types of materials, including wood, glass, metal, and especially hazardous waste.
  4. Use a Dumpster (If Appropriate) – For large scale projects, it can be worth it to rent a dumpster to keep on site. That prevents you from having to make frequent trips to a dump or even waiting for your weekly pickup. By having a dumpster, you can easily and quickly clean up construction debris. Use different sizes of trash cans around the site to store debris during the day and make sure everything is cleaned and dumped into the main dumpster at the end of the day.
  5. Know Your Workers – One of the biggest ways to keep your site neat and clean is by knowing your workers and using them to their strengths and identifying their weaknesses. Everyone has someone who is good at cleaning, and there are always people who are just absent minded. By keeping track of who is good at cleaning, you can use them to make sure that your site is kept tidy.

Keep in mind that if you’re running a business, keeping your work site clean isn’t just a good idea, it’s also the law. OSHA mandates that you do. By taking some steps, you can be sure that your worksite will enhance your crew’s ability to get the job done quickly and safely.

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