While working on the construction sites for roofing or any other related work, there is a need to have a ladder to accomplish the various jobs. It is very obvious that one cannot buy all the ladders for their projects as this will involve a lot of investment and maintenance services. Therefore, the commercial firms or any individual owner cannot buy all these ladders. At such times, the best thing they can get for themselves is the help from the ladder hire service providers. This is where these service providers come into existence and make the ladder hiring hassle-free and affordable for you.

Before you take up these services, you need to have a brief knowledge of the different ladders which you can get from these service providers. Below we will be discussing different types of ladders that can make the construction process easy and simple for you.

Different Types of Ladders

There are a lot of ladder types from which you can choose the right type that will match your needs and help you accomplish the task.

  • Multi-position Ladders

These ladders can be changed into any position and hence are also called as the folding ladders. Based on their adjustment, one can set these up as scaffolding, extension ladder, step ladder, or any other forms. These ladders can help you accomplish different tasks and are very helpful when completing different projects at a single time. The estimated reach of the ladder to the ground is one foot greater than the multi-position ladder height.

  • Step Ladders

These are one of the most common ladders which you will find at every ladder hire service provider. Step ladders are the self-supporting ladders which can be used in any projects and are very handy for the household chores also. A twin step ladder is also once such a type of ladder which is used to carry two people at a time for the task. Here, the estimated reach to the ground is 12 foot, if the step ladder height is 6 foot.

  • Platform ladders

These are similar to that of the step ladders but have a flat platform at the top. These flat platforms are the best feature about these type of ladders since it gives a greater surface area which will increase the range of movement and also reduce the working pressure. Other than this, there is a rail guard on the platform which helps in stabilizing the ladder.

  • Extension Ladders

The extension ladders do not have any type of self-supporting mechanism. While you use these ladders, one needs to lean these ladders against stable support. As their name suggests, you can extend these ladders to different heights which makes them perfect for you to rent them from the ladder hire services.

  • Attic Ladders

These are the retractable ladders which can lead you up to the attic shelves and are installed in your houses. Attic ladders come in different sizes which can fit the ceiling heights that are up to 9 – 12 feet.

Advantages of the Ladder Hire Services

So, now as we have seen the different types of ladders that you can hire for accomplishing our purposes, then let us move to the next topic which is how can these ladder hire services be beneficial for all of us.

  • Wear & Tear

It is known that the ladders are used to reach heightened places, and hence there are chances that many types of damages can occur to them. They are made up of metal and there are chances that they can rust due to bad weather conditions, or go through a lot of wear & tear which can reduce the structural integrity of the ladder. Hence, it is good to take help from the hiring services, as they always make sure to keep the ladders well-maintained.

  • Affordable Costs

The second advantage of getting the ladder from these rental service providers is the affordability. Owning a ladder and then providing it regular services can cost your lot of bucks. This is why it is always the best idea to rent these types of equipment from the rental services.

  • Storage and Transporting Issues

The demand for a ladder can be at any place where your new project is beginning. In such circumstances, it is very inconvenient and expensive to transport the ladders from your place to another. Also, in some extreme cases, you will need to rent a storage space where you can keep the ladder safely. These two things can cause you a lot of money sometimes and hence, it is better to take help from the ladder hire services.

Choosing to hire the ladder from any of the best equipment services is a better option without going through any trouble. It is always a good idea for all the construction workers. Boels  supports you by relieving you of all the worries that go with logistics, as well as renting tools and machinery for construction. From transportation, building and instruction to full training and certification for your employees— we are here to assist you in every way possible. To know more about our services, visit us now at Want to hire directly? Give us a call at 08706000998.

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