The first step is a consultation with several home renovation companies. In this step, you probably don’t have all your plans concrete in your mind. Instead, most people in this stage just know they want something to be different from how it is currently.

So, whether it is a new set of kitchen countertops or a total bathroom remodel, the consulting stage is the best time for you to explore your options, especially when it comes to the business that will ultimately perform the work. You should ensure they have sufficient experience and a clear understanding of your goals from the outset.

Additionally, the best selection tool is your own personality. If you enjoy speaking to and collaborating with a particular individual, chances are you will not come to regret choosing them for your project. Communicative, open and honest individuals make all the difference when it comes to achieving your renovation or development goals.


The discovery phase is when you can really start to get excited. In this stage, you already have a rough idea of what you will change, and how much you are willing to change it. Now, it is time to discover all of your potential options.

A good example of this is a shower upgrade. For instance, consider that you have a tub and shower combo, but you are really looking for a new, luxurious stand-up shower. During the discovery phase, you should look at tiling for shower stalls and consider upgrading the showerhead. Additionally, you may want to source your glass wall panels to ensure they are available when you are ready to start your home renovation project.

So, consider your project and what choices you need to make in order for it to be successful. Use this brief list of questions to simplify the process, and feel free to add your own.

  • What materials do I need?
  • Where can I source these materials?
  • Did my renovation contractor recommend any suppliers?
  • Are there better seasonal or limited-time offers to save money?
  • When do I need to make decisions, and is it worth prioritizing them?


The planning stage may seem similar to the discovery phase, but that is simply incorrect. Planning involves getting together with your builder or renovation company and making decisions as a unit. Of course, while it might be heart-wrenching to give up your favourite tile choice, consulting with the pros can save you time and money before you get too set on a plan that is just not possible.

Plus, during the planning phase, you can also consider how the renovation schedule will impact your life. You may need to plan for meals during kitchen renovations or plan alternate lodging for you and your family if the project’s scope is quite large. Similarly, adjusting your visiting schedule or social time can occur here to prevent uncomfortable or unnecessary issues.


Finally, the stage that everyone partaking in home renovations longs for; the building stage. This is when all the time you spend planning finally begins to bear fruit. Walls come down, new ones go up, and the final details are laboured over with love. For you, the homeowner, this stage is one of almost complete relaxation.

At least, it should be. If you have chosen your building contractor correctly, there should be no uncomfortable feeling in the back of your mind and no need to constantly verify their work or status. However, it is also worth noting that if you do feel this way, try to look at it consciously and understand the root of the emotional turmoil. In this sense, you may find that there is a valid or genuine reason to have these misgivings in the first place.

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