Most Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

The carpet in your living room does a lot for you to give you a cozy feel. So here, all you need is to take a little care of the carpet to keep it clean and dirt-free. In general, homeowners do carpet cleaning on their own, and most of them conduct certain mistakes while cleaning the carpets. Well, readers here can go through the details relating to mistakes that normally occur during cleaning the carpet at home or office.

Let’s start with the Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Mistake 1 – Wet carpet

Homeowners have the misconception that they can remove dirt from the carpet effortlessly if it is wet. But, wet carpets cannot get dry easily, and mold can grow easily here. As per experts, all need to use a sponge to clean the carpet. Here you need to check the water should not drip from the cloth. However, if the carpet gets wet accidentally, use a dry towel to dry the area. 

Mistake 2 – Solely rely on DIY service

Other than depending solely on DIY methods, contacting experts of Reston Carpet Cleaning will be the best option for you. The experts will check the features of the carpet and how old it is. Depending on the age and quality of the carpet, the professionals will offer the necessary service. 

Mistake 3 – use of scrubbers

Many homeowners feel that scrubbing is the best process of carpet cleaning. But scrubbing will damage the fibers if you use brushes having hard-bristles. As per experts, scrubbing can also push dirt deep into the fibers. So, it is suggested to use a sponge or cloth to blot marks on the carpet. It is also suggested not to use colorful cloth. 

Mistake 4 – wrong cleaning equipment for carpet

Homeowners hardly possess an idea relating to the use of exact carpet cleaning equipment. The use of the wrong equipment can cause damage to the carpet if you don’t have an idea about the carpet texture. Hence, at first, you need to understand the type of carpet you have at your home and accordingly, you need to use the carpet cleaning equipment. 

Mistake 5 – vacuuming too frequent

Homeowners have the misconception that vacuuming carpet too frequently can keep the carpet dust-free. However, if you clean the rugs too often or use chemicals on them, the texture of the carpet will get damaged soon. This will cause the fiber to get thin and color will become fade. 

So, as per experts cleaning rugs should be done after considering the texture and other factors. If you don’t want to damage the texture of the carpet, you need to plan properly before you start cleaning the carpet. 

Mistake 6 – Excess use of deodorizer

 Carpet deodorizers seem helpful in keeping the carpet free from bad odor. But excess use of these deodorizers can damage the carpet, and it will leave a carpet looking dull. Hence, experts suggest not using carpet deodorizers too often to maintain carpet texture and beauty. 


The above are some common mistakes that every homeowner makes while carpet cleaning. Hence, all need to understand those mistakes and not repeat them during cleaning the carpet at home.

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