money saving tips when moving to a new place

Moving house can be an expensive task, especially if you don’t have a friend or family member who can help you. Whether it’s paying for removal men, putting items in storage or buying packing materials to protect your belongings, the cost can quickly mount up.

How can you move house cheaply? In this article, we’ll reveal 6 money-saving tips for moving house, including the best way to save money when moving house.

1. Book the cheapest day to move

One of the best money-saving tips for moving house is to book the cheapest day to move. Sundays tend to be the cheapest day to move house while Fridays and Saturdays are the most popular, and therefore most costly. Therefore, it can be more cost-effective to plan your move for a Sunday.

2. Compare quotes

Compare quotes from both removal companies, van hire businesses and storage companies. It may work out cheaper for you to rent a van rather than an all-in-one removal company, however, with the cost of insurance, the culpability and cost of any damage to the van and the risk of costly breakages, sometimes it’s worth paying a little extra to get the professionals in. Whatever you choose, make sure you compare quotes and pick a reputable company to work with.

3. Search for free packing materials

If you’re moving house on a budget, look for cheap or free packing materials to cut down costs. First, ask family and friends to save useful materials for you. You can also ask your local supermarket and grocery stores for any leftover packaging, as they only tend to recycle materials anyway. Another option is to look online at websites like Freecycle, Facebook marketplace and Gumtree as often people are looking to get rid of packing boxes cheaply or for free once they’ve moved.

4. Declutter

Perhaps the very best way to save money when moving home is to declutter your belongings. Not only will you save money by reducing the amount you need to move, but you could also make money by selling your unwanted items online.

5. Move smaller items by yourself

Moving house on a budget can be stressful but by moving smaller items, you’ll reduce the amount that needs to be moved by a company. Move smaller items first and leave heavier or bulkier items for the professionals.

6. Plan in advance

Booking your home removals in advance can help you to get a better deal, particularly as a removal company can get booked up quickly. It also helps you to budget as you can shop around to get a better price.

Expert help

These tips are carried out with the help of an expert Patryk Panczuk, runs a removals and storage company called Removals & Storage Experts based in London. He is passionate about helping people make a new house a home and to do away with the stress of moving.

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