Minimizing Environmental Risks At Construction Sites

Construction sites may experience plenty of environmental changes throughout completing work, but not all of it is by design. Construction activity can create environmental risks from the movement of heavy machinery which can cause soil and water erosion depending on where new infrastructure is being built. In turn, these problems can affect the surrounding area. Nearby bodies of water can experience runoff and erosion, and the air can be polluted from the heavy use of equipment. While many federal and state regulations require construction companies to take preventive steps many have already committed to taking extra measures to minimize these impacts.

Understanding the right prevention techniques for a construction site requires knowing what best preventative control methods are needed. For example, using sediment traps and ditches can help stop water runoff and erosion to the surrounding environment. A contractor may also choose to use construction mats for heavy equipment to avoid soil compaction on the construction site. Or, construction workers may choose to break up and remove soil by spading or tilling the soil. Construction site contractors should also worry about the noise and vibrations for nearby residents. To solve this issue workers could erect portable noise barriers and sounds shield to minimize the noise on the construction site.

If you are interested in learning more ways to minimize environmental risks such as water, air, and soil erosion, check out the accompanying guide below. With no preventions in place on site and off-site environmental damages can occur.

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