Kids’ Room Decor – Ideas With Inclusion of The Kid Favorite Bunk Beds

Children’s rooms need to be bright, fun, exciting and yet soothing at the same time. They can inspire creativity and give them a place which is their own; something that will become increasingly important as they mature. You don’t need to spend a fortune to transform their room into something that appeals to their current interests:

Focus on vivid colors

Whilst it is tempting to paint the room a bright color or put huge murals on the wall, it is better to use a plain, soothing color which will help your child to remain calm and sleep easily.


Take your favorite photo; or your child’s favorite photo and have it professionally enlarged. Then cut it into two or three pieces and frame it; it will look impressive. Use cartoon characters to make their private space look fun, and they’ll love the end result.

Giant chalkboards

A giant chalkboard on the wall can provide an opportunity for you to leave reminders or for you and your child to draw their own cartoon characters or pictures.


A dresser can be improved and brightened by adding ribbons or repainting it in a pastel color. It will add a fun, colorful touch to any room.

Kids Room Decor

Multi-purpose furniture

Many items of furniture can be used for two purposes. The classic chest of drawers can be used as storage and double as a dressing table. This will help to keep the furniture minimal and maximize space for your child. Handmade furniture that’s functional makes their room easier to organize. Include more stools with storage spaces, bunk beds to make space, and sitting places by the window to keep their rooms looking clean and tidy. .


Every child’s room should have a bookcase in their room and a good place to sit with their books. Encouraging reading is essential to ensure your child develops good reading and writing habits. It does not need to just be for books, personal touches such as a favorite teddy can help to brighten the room.


A wire hung across one wall will provide the perfect spot to show-off your child’s artwork and personalize the room. Alternatively you can display the best pieces in a picture frame designed for showing lots of pictures. Pictures can be changed regularly keeping the room bright, relevant and different.


Organizers with multiple pockets can be hung in a variety of locations around the room and will help your child to keep their space tidy. It may even help them locate items.


Children love to play, whether dressing up or zooming around with their favorite toy. Create a space dedicated to play and include a dressing up box. You are guaranteed to make their room a place they want to spend time in and will stimulate their creativity.


The doors of cupboards and wardrobes can be covered in magnetic boards to encourage your children to manipulate the magnets and make their own designs; using their own imagination.

Art & craft

Children love to make things and it is important to have a space which can be used to do homework or create anything they want. It can also be a good idea to create a selection of boxes with their craft items separately and enclosed.


The most important thing for any child’s bedroom is to have as much storage space as possible. This means storage boxes under the bed and in stools as well as above cupboards. They can be created to match the existing décor or to create a vibrant contrast. Anything can be a storage container, from an old bin to a cardboard box decorated by your child.
It is advisable to ensure all containers are either labeled or the contents are visible; this will make it easier for your child to find what they need without emptying everything out of their room.

Anything can work in your child’s bedroom; you can use any item which is no longer needed elsewhere and use it in your child’s room as an abstract art piece, a clever storage area or simply a feature. Children have vivid imaginations and you can use this to create a truly amazing space for them.

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