5 Most Common Issues with Washers And Dryers & How to Solve?

Managing issues with washer and dryer can be very stressful, especially if the cost of repairs starts to pile up. Fortunately, Appliance Giant can help you solve these problems and potentially save you the trouble and expense of specialised repairs. This blog examines typical problems that might occur with these appliances and provides practical guidance on how to fix them on your own. The intention is to arm you with the skills and information necessary to resolve washer and dryer issues without incurring costly service calls, from useful guidance to troubleshooting methods.

How to resolve washer and dryer problems?

Learn some crucial advice that will help you handle washer and dryer issues much more effectively, saving you money and time while allowing you to continue doing your laundry on a regular basis!

1. Your Machine Won’t Turn On

Your washer or dryer may not be turning on for a few different reasons. If you haven’t used it in a few loads, it might be overheated. If so, wait until it cools down before attempting to load it once more. The door’s seal may be loose if overheating isn’t the issue. A sensor is preventing the machine from starting, and a loose seal is preventing the door from closing properly. Check the rubber seal around the door and clear any debris accumulation.

2. Clothes Dryer Is Shaking

A shaking clothes dryer is usually caused by broken drum seals or unbalanced feet. If the unit is unbalanced, adjusting the feet is a quick fix to ensure even distribution. On the other hand, if the drum seals show signs of wear or damage, it’s best to get professional assistance for repair or replacement.

3. Unpleasant Odours From the Machine

Your washing machine may smell bad due to the accumulation of mould, mildew, and dirt. This buildup could produce an unpleasant odour that seeps into your clothes. To fix this issue washer and dryer, thoroughly cleaned the machine, the detergent holders, and the door seals. Run an empty cycle with hot water and bleach afterward to revitalise the appliance and restore its crisp, clean scent.

4. Clothes Are Still Wet

If you find that your dryer is frequently leaving your laundry damp, try lowering the load and consider whether you might be overloading it. If adjusting the load size doesn’t improve the situation, inspect and clean the lint screen. To maximise the efficiency of your dryer and lower the risk of a fire, you must do this after every load. If your clothes are still wet after doing these steps, it’s likely the result of a broken heating element or thermal fuse. It is advised that you seek professional assistance in these circumstances to diagnose and repair your malfunctioning clothes dryer.

5. Your Washing Machine Fails to Drain

A broken gasket or seal in the drain system, a clogged hose, or a malfunctioning pump could be the cause of your washing machine water not draining. Prompt identification and resolution of these problems ensures the best possible washing performance, avoids water drainage issues, and ensures a smooth functioning machine. 


At Appliance Giant, we understand the value of these small-scale, yet effective, washer and dryer maintenance procedures in ensuring continued high performance. By figuring out what these problems are actually with your machine, you can fix them quickly to maximise efficiency and avoid future problems. Frequent maintenance not only helps your appliances last longer but also protects you from unforeseen repair bills.

Your go-to resource for identifying and resolving problems with your washers and dryers is Appliance Giant. With the help of our knowledgeable advice, you can effectively troubleshoot common washer and dryer issues by gaining in-depth knowledge about them. We offer extensive tools and diagnostics to assist you in identifying problems early on, averting possible malfunctions, and guaranteeing peak performance. To provide you with the resources you need to properly maintain and take care of your appliances, Appliance Giant is dedicated to providing its customers with tips, tutorials, and professional advice. Working with us assures you to take care of issues with washer and dryer right away, preventing damage and saving money on repairs while prolonging the life of your priceless appliances.

Kristina Bell

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