How to Get a Professional Home Furniture Movers Near Melbourne

There are many home furniture movers in Melbourne but not all of them offer excellent services. Not all of them have years of experience moving furniture and not all of them can be trusted with your precious belongings. You can trust premium furniture removalists to move your furniture with no damage and without anything getting lost.

Criteria for choosing an experienced removalists near Melbourne.

1. Complete packing services

You don’t have to spend days packing your stuff because premium removalists will pack your belongings for you to ensure there is no breakage. Studies show that furniture is more likely to get damaged in the moving truck during transportation than during loading.

 The most vulnerable furniture parts include table legs and sofa feet. Premium removalists can disassemble your furniture, cover the parts with furniture blankets to prevent scraping, and then wrap them with bubble wrap to prevent breakage.  In your new home, the removalists will unpack the furniture and reassemble it just as it was.

 The best removalists also come with their packing boxes.

2. Is the company licensed?

Ensure that the company you want to hire is licensed to carry out moving services. An unlicensed company can be risky for your belongings because their workers may not be police verified. Also, find out if the company has permission to travel across states if you are moving interstate.

If the company is shortlisted by the Australian Furniture Removers Association, then it probably has a proper truck, well-trained professionals, and quality moving equipment.

3. Company experience

A removalist company that just started operating a few months ago may not be able to handle a complicated move. Premium removalists know how to pack delicate items and can safely load delicate, bulky, and costly furniture. A company that has lasted in the industry for many years probably provides high-quality services.

4. Do they provide storage?

A company that can provide storage long-term or short-term for extra furniture in case your new home does not have enough space is a better choice. You may also be able to store your confidential documents and items in their storage facilities. Talk to the company’s customer care to know all the moving services they provide and to tell them your requirements.

Home furniture movers near Melbourne that offer massive discounts or extremely low prices and do not have a proper address may not provide quality services.

To choose local and trusted trusted furniture removalists you must check reviews and ratings on some trusted platforms like trustpilot, yelp, google, and more.

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