How To Create A Coffee Table From A Wood Pallet

Have you ever wanted a coffee table that won’t cost too much? There’s a simple solution for that: create your very own coffee table just by upcycling an unused wooden pallet! This is a very easy and practical way of transforming something simple into a useful piece of furniture. It is also an ideal way of adding a bit of charm into your living room without breaking the bank.

Here are the materials you will need:

  • A wooden pallet (of course)
  • Fine Sandpaper
  • Drill & Bit
  • Goggles
  • Screws
  • Castors

Step 1- Clean the palletdiy-wood-coffee-table

Before you start building your pallet table, it is essential that you thinly sand the pallet first. Spend time to get rid of any chipped edges and sand it gently for a smooth finish. You’ll also likely to sustain the rustic look of the wood by doing this.

Step 2- Drilling the pallet

Simply turn the wood pallet upside down to allow you to mark the holes you’ll use for the castor wheels afterwards. You can definitely use various sized castors, though you may want to pick out the bigger ones for a sturdier, more industrialized look.

Create small pilot holes, then drill the wheels into place. Utilize smaller screws for this part, so it would not drill right through the pallet.

Also, if you want to elevate your coffee table just a tad bit higher off the ground, or even create an industrial-style desk; why not add some legs? Make sure to measure each sides in the same way as you would with the castors. Draw around each table leg, and don’t forget to add in markings for the screws.

Step 3- Colouring or Varnishing the palletwarm-toned-coffee-table-diy

Keeping your very own coffee table as rustic-looking as it was before, means that you do not have to treat it at all. Though you may find that a bit of varnish or light oil will seal it, and also emphasize its natural look.

However, you can make up various effects depending on the look that you’re trying to achieve. You may utilize a gloss paint to give the pallet a bit of shine, or even paint it with a bright wood paint to give your room a pop of colour.

Here’s a pro tip: Incorporate coasters below the wheels to make sure that they don’t scrape or dent your floors.

Experiment this DIY technique and make your very own coffee table without spending too much money! Follow us and find more DIY ideas.

Kristina Bell

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