how do you clean blinds at home

It seems like you notice the state of your plastic blinds randomly. They will look fine and then one day you look and see all the dirt and dust. Time to clean your blinds – but how?

Let’s see how to clean your plastic blinds at home

1. Vacuum Them

Your vacuum can help with a lot more than just keeping your floor clean. It can be use to clean your blinds. Grab the brush attachment and put it on your hose. Close your blinds so that one side is facing the same direction and vacuum that before switching to the other direction.

There’s another item you can use that is already in your home – your hair dryer. Press the button on it that makes the air turn cool and use that to blow off other bits of dust. You can then use the vacuum to pick up anything that falls on the floor.

2. Dust Them

You can buy a regular-use duster that can be cleaned or you can get disposable ones that you throw away after each use. Another option is to get a microfiber glove that you wear to dust. Either way, open the blinds or clean both the front and back of the blinds.

If they are the long vertical type, you can either pinch the top and remove them to take to a table or elsewhere to clean them individually or you can just stand there and do each one. Be sure to be thorough with each one, since it can be easier to miss some spots with these as opposed to the vertical ones.

3. Soap Them Up

You can use a wet cloth with some dish soap on it to clean the blinds. That will pick up dirt and dust. Just be sure to wash off the cloth after each blind – otherwise you’re going to be spreading the dirt around.

4. Use Your Tub

If you look at your blinds after doing the previous things and still see them as being dirty, chances are good that other types of residue have built up on them. Not a problem. Fill up your tub with water and add soap and some white vinegar and then let the blinds soak for a while.

Hope you get the ways to clean plastic blinds at home!

Why people prefer plastic blinds for home?

People like plastic blinds because of both their price point and the relative ease of cleaning them as opposed to other types. They can be cleaned with water, unlike wooden ones. Just do to the above things and you will be able to enjoy your blinds for a good amount of time.

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