How Do You Ace Escape Rooms Adventures?

The human mind is fascinated by a lot of things. And the more exciting one of them is the human fascination with adventure. In the meantime, there are over 50,000 escape rooms all around the world, all differing in difficulty levels and themes!

Ranging from extremely difficult to an escape room that beginners can enjoy, they are a pleasant challenge that tests teamwork and camaraderie. So, read on to learn how to ace an escape room adventure while also inculcating some important life lessons.

1. Choose a Game

There are websites that can provide an idea of some of the most popular escape room services in the area, and they are a fantastic place to start. So, take a look at the many themes and storylines and choose one that sounds intriguing or appealing to the team. Consider who might be on your squad, as specific themes and physical requirements may not be appropriate for everyone. Meanwhile, companies generally specify what is expected of participants and whether or not there are any triggers. Also, don’t be discouraged by the fact that not all rooms are truly locked inside. Moreover, most horror rooms do not contain horror themes, but they can still be incredibly interesting. 

2. Pick Your Team     

People who know each other well enough to communicate successfully and understand each other’s strengths and shortcomings are ideal. Diversity is also not a bad thing since varied approaches and mindsets add to a stronger team as a whole.

In the meantime, it doesn’t harm to have more people on the team when playing for the first time. On the other hand, a large group carries the possibility of regulating any one person’s ability to solve or participate as much as they would like.

3. Get Briefed

Before the game, players will usually be given an overview of what to expect and any rules.  As such, every escape room company is unique, and rules might vary even within the same company on a room-by-room basis. Meanwhile, the rules are in place to help make the most of the assigned time, so make sure to follow them. Individuals will also be informed about the hints system. Furthermore, following a brief introduction, the game master or a video will usually provide players with a back-story.

4. How to Ace the Game

Use the following tips to always ace an escape room expedition.

  • If the timer goes off, divide into groups and thoroughly search the room.
  • When anyone observes something that appears to be puzzle-related or finds or unlocks something of interest, they need to say it aloud.
  • If stuck, don’t hesitate to ask for hints.
  • When anyone locates important props and puzzles, keep them all together so the squad may readily check or retrieve them when needed.
  • Find individual courses of adventure and work on props and areas that the rest of the squad isn’t engaged in.
  • When attempting to solve an escape room, use a variety of tactics.

This piece has provides basic information on how an escape room that beginners or others can complete successfully. As such, the most important part is to choose reliable teammates that have similarly competitive mindsets. Moreover, it is always important to be considerate of any triggers that anyone may have. There are a plethora of escape room options to choose from. So, all you have to do is pick a spot and find an equally adventurous team!

Kristina Bell

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