4 Best Kinds of Ovens for Your Kitchens

Whether you are moving into a new home, are dealing with a faulty appliance, or simply need a change, it’s time to get a new oven. Knowing the difference between gas and electric ovens, and various mounting techniques, will be the difference between a happy kitchen experience and a sad one.

Here are the 4 best kinds of ovens for your kitchen, and 1 pro tip at the end.

1. Wall Ovens

Popular among those with custom homes are wall ovens. This is because they are much more convenient than traditional oven setups. Wall ovens are mounted within the kitchen wall, sitting at eye level. This eliminates the need for you to bend over or kneel in order to access the inside of the oven when putting in food to cook.  It is also very nice since it is a completely separate feature from the cook-top, making wall ovens an efficient use of space. Since this kind of oven is a bit harder to get situated, consider using an appliance installation service company.

2. Gas Ovens

There are two main methods for generating heat in an oven nowadays. These are the use of gas and electricity. It is rare to find a wood-burning oven, although they remain in use as aesthetic statements in some homes.

Gas ovens have some benefits over electric ones, as well as some downsides. They are better at pre-heating, for one thing. This is because gas ovens use an open flame, the burning gas, to generate heat. When you turn the oven on, there is instant heat from the fire.

The biggest downside to a gas oven is that it uses gas. This adds another charge to your bills. Houses already use electricity but some do not already use gas. Also, gas prices tend to increase while the price of electricity is declining. If this does not deter you, then a gas oven is a must-have appliance.

3. Electric Ovens

The largest benefit that an electric oven has over a gas oven is that it is safer. Gas can leak, which causes potentially fatal circumstances for your family, while electric ovens never leak. They are more reliable than gas as well. In order to heat up a gas oven, the gas needs to be ignited by a small spark. Sometimes, the spark can malfunction. Electric ovens do not have this problem. They heat up as long as there is electricity.

The main drawback to an electric oven is time. It takes time for an electric oven to heat up. This is due to the nature of energy. Electric ovens work by transforming electric energy into thermal energy. Gas ovens do not need to do this because fire instantly converts gas into thermal energy.

4. Double Ovens

If you want to have more freedom then you need to investigate getting a double oven. Double ovens have two doors that lead to two distinct interiors. This means that you can cook two meals at two temperatures for two different duration of time. They are an excellent investment and add a modern look to your kitchen.

Food for Thought

Now you know more about the best kinds of ovens for your kitchen. It’s fun to choose new appliances. If it were up to me, I would start by creating a budget. How much are you able and willing to pay for an oven? Then, I would consider my needs. What do I need an oven to do? Using that information, I would pick one of these four ovens and look further into it. That’s what you should do, too!

Emma Morre

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