For many of us, our workplace is our second home as it is the place where we spend most of our day. However, so many offices today have a colorless, dull environment. All you see when you look around are tables, chairs, and shelves brimming with files and documents. Such an environment can have a negative impact on our mental health as well as our productivity. For this reason, it is very important that the office is as bright, lively and comfortable as possible in order to ensure the well-being of the employees.

So, how can you improve the overall aesthetics of your office space to make it more visually appealing for your employees? The answer is indoor plants. Plants are an excellent way to add life and color to any dull office space. Several studies have proven over time that plants can significantly reduce stress and increase productivity. Moreover, they come with numerous health benefits as they help remove toxins and impurities from the environment, significantly improving the air quality.  

The great news is that they are plenty of indoor office plants that require minimal care and can thrive in the indoor office environment, whether you place them on your desk or in different corners around the office.  You just have to make sure that you choose the right plants for your space. To help you out, here is a list of the top 8 indoor plants you should consider for your office:

  • Bamboo palm

If you have a large office space that feels a little empty and dull, the bamboo palm is a great choice for you. They grow incredibly fast and have thick stems and large leaves, making them a great option if you are looking for a big plant to fill up your space. Bamboo palms require minimum sunlight; they can survive in shaded areas and only need watering once a week.

If you are looking for a smaller variety, you can give lucky bamboo a try. This looks just like a bamboo palm but is a much smaller plant that will love growing in a small pot on your desk. In Japanese culture, bamboo is considered a sign of prosperity and a way to protect yourself from evil spirits, which can always come in handy at the office.

  • Snake plant

Also known as Sansevieria, this plant is so tough that it is likely to stay with you as long as you live. Due to its nature, it is considered the ideal plant for beginners. There are different varieties of snake plants available from smaller versions such as Whitney or Futura Superba to those that can grow several feet. Make sure to choose the one that is right for you. Snake plants require minimum sunlight and are safe to water once a week.

  • Gerbera Daisy

For those looking to add color to their office with flowering plants, the gerbera daisy is a good choice. The great thing about this plant is its small size, allowing you to fit it anywhere you want. Also, they come in a variety of colors and are sure to brighten up your office with their presence. Gerbera daisies also help remove carcinogens from the air, leaving fresh air for you to breathe.

When it comes to caring for gerbera daisies, they require water on a daily basis and need to be in a place where they can get sufficient sunlight for a few hours every day for the best results.

  • Aloe

Aloe is an easy plant as long as it gets plenty of sunlight. If you have a window at the office that gets plenty of sun throughout the day, aloe plants are best for this spot. Get a few, plant them in pretty pots and watch them thrive. They only need watering once in a while.

The Standard aloe plant looks great in the modern office space, but you can also choose other varieties such as Tiger Tooth or Minibelle if you wish.

  • Cactus

Cactus is another plant that is small enough to fit in any place you want and requires very little care. One thing it does need is lots of sunlight, making it unsuitable for offices that do not get natural light. The best part is that it requires extremely little watering; a cactus will thank you if you don’t water it for a few days, making it a great plant to place near the window to let it grow on its own.

There are many different varieties of cactus available, with the Myrtillocactus and Cleistocactus winteri making some of the best indoor plants.

  • English Ivy

The English Ivy is a climbing vine requiring very little care. They grow well in shaded areas and just need enough watering to keep them moist. They are best suited to low light and dry conditions, making them very low maintenance plants.

The English Ivy is known for its air-purifying properties, and so, if your office feels stuffy with poor air quality, this is the best plant for you!

  • Peace lilies

Peace lilies are known for their beautiful white flowers and make a great low-maintenance flowering plant for the office. They tend to grow pretty quickly and help remove toxins from the air.

When it comes to caring for a peace lily, these plants grow best in the shade. If your plant is receiving too much light, you will find its leaves turning brown, and it is best to move the plant to an area with less light. Peace lilies do not require watering often; they just need moist soil in order to thrive.

  • ZZ Plant

Also known as Zamioculcas, this plant is known for being indestructible, making it a great office plant. ZZ plants can tolerate weeks of neglect and shade and still have beautiful, waxy leaves.

If your office has no windows and you think no plants can survive in it, consider investing in ZZ plants as they survive just as well in indirect light. Watering requirements are also minimum; you only need to water when the soil looks dry; otherwise, you can kill it by overwatering.

The Final Word

If your office feels too artificial and stuffy, the best way to fix it is by adding a touch of nature through the use of indoor plants. If you are not convinced by the idea, try adding a few plants and see how much better you feel throughout the day. As humans, we all love being near nature in one way or the other. Considering how anxious and stressed we sometimes feel at work trying to meet our deadlines and targets, plants can provide a breath of fresh air and help us relax. Invest in the right greenery for your office today, and you will be impressed by the difference it makes!

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