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If you’ve ever wondered how to mow stripes in the lawn, then our beginner’s guide to lawn striping is for you!

You might have come across some amazing lawns that are perfectly mowed and have unique stripes and wondered how this is done. 

Well we can let you in on a secret, it’s a type of mowing called lawn striping. In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can get a beautifully striped lawn too! 

What is lawn striping?

Lawn striping is a technique of mowing that can transform your lawn into a professional and aesthetically-pleasing one. People go to beauty salons to beautify their hands or feet to get the perfect manicure or pedicure so why not give your lawn the same treatment? 

There are many interesting designs that can be done with lawn striping that professional groundskeepers use when striping sports fields. Here are some tips and tricks to make your lawn look ready for a football game to be played on. 

How to lawn stripe?

To create lawn stripes, you have to use a lawnmower that can mow the grass leaf blades so that the pattern you want to create can be visualised. The grass leaf blades need to be bent or laid by the lawnmower to create dark and light green shades. The sun’s reflection on the lawn will also create the illusion of different grass shades.

Consider the following steps: 

  • Use a rear roller mower for mowing the grass when you want to create lawn stripes.
  • It is important to mow the grass on a regular basis. 
  • Choose a good mower to cut the grass.

What are the best mowers for lawn striping? 

Zero turn mowers are a standard riding lawn mower with a turning radius, as the name suggests, this is effectively zero. These are great mowers for lawn striping as no circle of uncut grass will be left, but you can use any type of mower. Make sure your mowers’ blades are on correctly so that they are evenly cutting the grass. 

Lawn striping kits

Sometimes motor-powered mowers’ tires can leave marks in the grass so to avoid the prominence of the tire tracks it’s a good idea to use a lawn striping kits. Using a kit will make your stripes more defined.

  • To get the perfect lawn stripes the right tools are needed.
  • Lawn striping kits can be purchased from your dealer for all quality mowers. If you are getting it online, make sure you research thoroughly and read reviews before making a decision. 
  • The cost of lawn striping kits vary but they usually start at around $400.

Factors To Keep In Mind For Lawn Stripes 

  • Lawn striping is easier with cool-season grass compared to warm-season grass so winter is the best time to attempt it. The best time to mow is late morning after the dew has dried up. 
  • You should consider the health of your turf too! It should be healthy since yellow grass won’t be that appealing to the eyes.
  • Consider the direction of sunlight before you start the entire process. After all, sunlight plays a huge role in the whole technique. 

Advantages Of Lawn Mowing Patterns 

  • Using the same pattern every time you mow, the tire tracks can wear out areas of the grass creating dead spots and inviting weeds to grow. 
  • Minimises wear and tear of the mower tires. 
  • Mowing patterns can allow airflow through the grass allowing it to grow better.

Tips To Keep In Mind

  • Make sure you fertilize your lawn well. If you’re not sure what fertilizer is best for your lawn, talk to some lawn experts or head to your local hardware store to see what they recommend.
  • Keep your lawn watered.
  • Try different lawn striping patterns to see what works best for your lawn. 
  • Always check your mower and its parts to make sure it’s in top condition. You don’t want to stripe your lawn if something is not attached properly as this could be disastrous.
  • Start simple and then try new techniques such as checkerboarding and diamonds as you gain more practice.

Final Words on Lawn Striping

It will take some practice to become a lawn striping expert so don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t work out the first time. Always make sure you’ve got the best tools for the job and take care of your lawn. You can achieve the perfect stripes only if your lawn is healthy and the grass is in good condition.

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