A Touch of Luxury: Kitchen Trends This Year

We can all agree that throughout the year, we spent a lot of time at home and more specifically, in the kitchen! Whether that was because your kitchen became your home office, your children’s classroom, or even simply just your zoom call background. So, in short, your kitchen has been working a lot harder than when it was just used for cooking!

Yet, with all this time spent within your kitchen space, you’ve likely found yourself picking out some of the faults that need fixing and general changes that you’d like to make to space.

That’s why we’ve put together our a+ construction & remodeling guide to some of the latest kitchen trends this year, to get you inspired and give you some ideas towards redesigning the heart of your home!

Creating a Modern and Luxurious Space

There is nothing more appealing than the gorgeous attention to detail that a modern kitchen brings, both for cooking and dining. By incorporating practical, yet still visually appealing features, you can easily create a multifunctional space that suits all of the family.

Whether homeschooling, watching TV, or just simply dining and entertaining once it’s back on the cards, having an area that is thoughtfully designed can make all of the difference.

Yet, what are the key aspects of a modern and luxurious space and how can you incorporate them in your kitchen?

Clean Lines

Firstly, a great way to create a modern-looking space is by opting for clean lines with handleless cabinets. Not only will these be clean-lined, but the handleless design will make a room feel a lot bigger; this makes them an excellent choice in a smaller space.

However, if you don’t want to commit to a handleless design, you could also opt for a run of classic shaker cabinetry with sleek bar handles.

Keep a Neat Space

The key to modern design is a clean, uncluttered space. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to throw away your prized kitchen aid stand mixer! Having plenty of storage where you can hide away various small appliances and crockery can make all the difference.

This is why floor to ceiling cupboards can be a great investment – they hide a multitude of sins! However, remember that it is important to be able to access these appliances when you need them, so keep crockery by the oven, food close to prep areas, and so on.

The Perfect Appliances

No kitchen is complete without the perfect appliances. They are truly the icing on the cake, yet how can you ensure that they keep to the sleek, luxurious, and modern design that you have your heart set on?

For example, if you are dreaming of a large range cooker, why not choose one in a modern stainless steel finish; and why not integrate as many appliances as you can behind cabinetry, for a sleek touch.

If you are looking to purchase new kitchen appliances that fit perfectly within your new modern kitchen, yet still suit you, your family, and your day-to-day routines, then make sure to visit a reputable appliance showroom, such as Appliance World, a leading provider of AEG Manchester. They’ll be able to provide you with the expert advice that you need and answer any question you may have so that you can purchase in confidence.

There we are! We hope that the above guide has given you a taste into just one of the leading kitchen trends this year and how you can achieve it!

John Jeffreys

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