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Be it cooking, doing laundry, making coffee or refrigerating fresh foods, life without reliable and efficient home appliances can be next to impossible! This is because not only do they simplify the day-to-day household activities but at the same time they adapt according to the demands of your lifestyle, so that you are able to make the most of them at an extreme ease.

Besides the common appliances that are found in almost every home, there are certain advance appliances that predominantly exist in the USA. These wonder products are equipped with superior features, advance functionality and are able to cater the needs of user with minimal consumption of energy. Want to know more about these home appliances and how beneficial they can be? Read on to find out.

1. Garbage Disposersbest Garbage Disposers

The home appliance that makes its way to the number one position is ‘garbage disposal unit’. A garbage disposer is basically installed right under the kitchen sink and is used to shred large pieces of food scrapes into fine small particles as less as 2mm and thus dispose food wastes into the sewage system.

Today, over 65% homes in US utilize garbage disposers to handle bio-degradable food wastes which would otherwise be carried to landfills causing environmental concerns. Further, the disposers are electrically powered by efficient motors that shred wastes at an impressive speed in their grinding chambers. This in-turn saves your time and allows you to manage the kitchen wastes efficiently. Waste management is expected to be a 562 billion dollar industry globally by 2020, no wonder why manufacturers are coming up with new and improved technologies to build the best garbage disposal.

Bonus: Here is a great tool to compare garbage disposals

2. Smart Dishwasherssamsung Smart Dishwashers

People live a fast-paced life where they require things to be done in a jiffy and when it comes to doing the dishes one can never forget smart dishwashers. Designed to clean your favorite cups, plates, saucers and bowls to perfection, the smart dishwasher is an excellent solution. These tend to remove any germ or bacterial buildup and retain the shine and aura that your dishes have, keeping them the way they are for years to come.

In fact, certain systems come with customized program settings, where you get the opportunity to choose the specific clean-up program as per the dishes that have to be washed. What’s interesting about the smart dishwashing systems is the unique assistant and auto sensor technology, where the assistant helps you track the progress while the sensors are meant to determine the amount of water, salt and detergent that will be needed to deal with the dishes.

3. Humidifiers & DehumidifiersHumidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Indoor humidifiers and dehumidifiers are another popular appliance seen in the US. Just as the name suggests, the humidifiers are meant to add humidity to the targeted room when the its moisture reduces to 35%, while dehumidifiers are used to remove excess humidity. In most of the places you will find them connected with the HVAC systems of the household. However, in US these are extensively used in the form of portable devices and some of them are:

  • Evaporative humidifier: This is one of the simplest form of humidifier that contains only a few parts including a fan, wick and reservoir. The wick is porous in nature and is placed adjacent to the fan. When the fan blows air onto the wick then it aids in evaporation and this is how relative humidity of a particular room is maintained. A room that has lower level of humidity showcases high evaporative rate compared to those with higher humidity.
  • Vaporizer: The vaporizer is a warm humidifier that releases moisture and steam into the air. A special property of these appliances is that one can add medicated inhalant to them too. In addition to that, the chances of conveying microorganisms and other impurities is significantly reduced as it gives out steam.
  • Ultrasonic humidifier: The ultrasonic humidifier is an innovative appliance that creates water droplets with the help of ceramic diaphragm vibration at ultrasonic frequency. These droplets exit from the device in the form of a cool fog. Such humidifiers even incorporate piezoelectric transducer so as to produce the high mechanical frequency.
  • Spray humidifier & dehumidifier: The spray humidifiers inject cool mist, on the other hand the dehumidifiers mix the sprays of chilled water along with air so as to capture the atmospheric moisture in them. These can even trap contaminants and pollutants like pollen and thus are even referred as air washers.

4. Tilted-Head Stand MixersTilted-Head Stand Mixers

Tilt-head stand mixers are the classic range of home appliances predominately found in the US. From whisking, kneading to whipping, this amazing tool holds the ability to perform it all and that too in one go. These mixtures are usually placed on the kitchen counter and are equipped with a motor that driving rotating action and this moves the dough hook, whip wire, flat beater or any other accessory attached to the system.

The attraction of this appliance is the mixing bowls that features exceptional capacity. On average one can mix dough to make over 5 loaves of bread, 10 dozens of cookies and more and that too in a single batch. Besides that, they are suitable for any recipe whether that deals with the mixing of wet or dry ingredients. Their abilities indeed make it a common household kitchen appliance.

5. Electric KnivesElectric Knives

Just as the name suggests, electric knives are a great kitchen device that operate with the help of electricity. Because of being powered by electric current, they need less physical effort compared to conventional knifes for having neat slices. Electric knives follow a simple mechanism, where the moment you switch them on it begins to move radically, performing cuts according to your requirements. The ends of the knives are beautifully secured and have a handle to deliver superior grip.

There you have it! These five appliances indeed have a strong impact over the common US households and will always remain the ingredients for a seamless and comfortable lifestyle.

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