Plumbing Nightmares To Avoid

Most homeowners prefer DIY plumbing because they believe it saves them time.  And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to try it out? However, while fixing these plumbing problems, some of them make mistakes that could worsen the issue. Let’s look at some nightmare mistakes:

Burst water pipes

During winter water expands and since water pipes can’t accommodate the expansion, they end up bursting. Burst water pipes can cause internal floods and damage to the property.

The mistake can happen when someone tries to fix the burst pipe on their own. Homeowners might use the wrong pipe material to replace the burst one. Connecting a galvanized metal pipe to a pipe made of copper is a no no.

The two react to each other and will corrode at the point of connection. This means more leaks. If the burst pipe is made of galvanized steel the pipe you’re replacing it with should be made of the same (common sense!).

Blocked drainage system

Having a blocked drain is one of the worst nightmares in a home. People combat the problem by using drain cleaners which can clear the clog. However, if the drain cleaners are used persistently, they tend to corrode the pipes hence cause more leaks. Therefore, to avoid this, you should use a plumbing snake which is more effective and safe to use than drain cleaners. Also, call in a professional plumber who’ll be able to fix the problem for you.

Burst water heater

Water heaters require regular maintenance to prevent them from bursting. You could also replace them if it’s too old. If you’re a new homeowner and don’t have experience in heaters, it’s good to have a professional check it out for you.

Most homeowners make the mistake of installing the safety valve wrongly. Installing it wrongly may cause the water to overflow.

Fixing leaking faucets

Fixing leaking faucets may seem easy for keen homeowners to do. Still, most of them forget to turn off the main water supply causing internal floods. It’s good to turn off the main supply before you commence with the repair. Also, remove debris that could cause flow restrictions when installing the faucets.

The favourite! Drilling through into a Pipe!

Very common when you do DIY. You can easily drill through the floorboard and into a pipe or through a plasterboard and then a pipe. We have been called out to many emergency plumbing calls where this has been the case.

If its something simple, it might be worth doing it yourself. Something a bit more complicated? Call in a  pro.

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