Upgrading Your Premises: 10 Compelling Reasons to Install a Sliding Glass Door System

There are many types of patio doors, and each of them comes with its unique benefits and downfalls. Recently, more homeowners have been making the switch to sliding glass door systems. Read on to find out why.

Save Space

Hinged doors take up a lot of adjacent space. Even worse, they take up a lot of space without allowing light in, which means homeowners not only can’t place any furnishings in the doors’ paths but also can’t grow plants that require a lot of sun, even if they don’t take up much space. This may not be a problem in large homes with plenty of floor space, but in smaller rooms, it can place substantial constraints on interior designers’ abilities to incorporate furniture arrangements, plants, and decor. Find out more from klein-usa.com about how sliding glass doors can help to alleviate this problem.

Complement Any Interior Design

Sliding glass doors look great in just about any home. They form a perfect complement to sleek, modern designs, but look just as good in traditionally styled homes. Improving curb appeal using a sliding glass door system is just a matter of choosing the right door and ensuring that it is installed correctly. There are plenty of design options available and sliding patio doors come in a variety of sizes, so it’s easy for homeowners to find one that will fit in the space available and look good given their properties’ unique architectural features and interior designs.

Capture Panoramic Views

Sliding door systems have twice the glass area of traditional doors. That means twice the view, twice the natural light, and twice the heat from the sun on cold winter days. It also means that homeowners can more effectively tie their backyard patios into their homes’ designs, bringing the outdoors in and expanding their living space.

Effortless Operation

Well-maintained sliding glass doors require only a nudge to open or close them as long as they’re not locked. This makes it easier to carry groceries in from the car, accommodate guests or residents with mobility issues, let pets in and out from the backyard, and otherwise go about the tasks of life without worrying about stuck doors.

Easy to Operate Locks

There is a common misconception that sliding doors aren’t as secure as traditional, hinged models. Thankfully, this is not the case. Sliding doors are usually made of shatter-proof glass and can be outfitted with additional security film to create a further deterrent against potential burglars. Homeowners who are especially worried about the potential for unwanted visitors can also reinforce the existing locks on their doors by installing high-security sliding door locks, or simply by placing a dowel or a piece of wood behind the slider to prevent it from opening.

Minimal Mechanical Problems

Traditional swinging doors use hinges to open and close. These small hinges must carry the doors’ weight 24/7, which can take a serious toll on the hardware. Sliding patio doors open and close using rollers instead of hinges, which means they experience less mechanical stress and are less prone to premature failure. That adds up to fewer repairs and less frequent replacements, which helps to keep costs low.

Ease of Maintenance

Sliding glass door systems are easy to clean and maintain. All that homeowners need to worry about is the occasional cleaning of the tracks to prevent dirt buildup, which can damage the rollers if it is left unchecked for too long.

Sliding glass doors are also easier than most alternatives to clean. Just use a glass cleaning solution or an easy DIY alternative concocted from soap and warm water to wipe the windows down if they get dirty. Since there are not typically wood supports covering parts of the glass, this process should only take a few minutes. Easy maintenance means that even fastidious housekeepers don’t have to devote much time at all to keeping their patio doors looking great.

Minimize Drafts

Sliding patio doors are equipped with continuous weatherstripping to keep drafts to a minimum. Modern glass doors also feature high-performance glass, which means higher energy efficiency ratings and lower monthly heating bills in the winter. Minimizing drafts and improving energy efficiency isn’t just good for homeowners’ wallets, either. It’s also better for the environment since it means the household needs to use fewer non-renewable resources to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.

Monthly Savings

Minimizing unwanted air infiltration isn’t the only way that sliding glass door systems can save homeowners money. In the summer, homeowners can open one side of the door fully to let in plenty of air and take advantage of pleasant seasonal breezes. Sliding glass doors also let more light in during all months of the year, which reduces the need for artificial lighting. The combined savings of fewer drafts in the winter, less need for air conditioning in the summer, and lower electricity bills can add up quickly and help homeowners recoup the cost of installing new doors.

Easy to Adjust

Home settling is a common problem, and it can wreak havoc on traditional doors. No matter what type of doors they have, homeowners will have to adjust them to make sure they hang correctly after the foundation shifts. Sliding door systems are much easier to adjust, though, which means less stress when dealing with foundation problems. Given that this issue typically comes up repeatedly over the course of homeowners’ lives, this seemingly minor benefit can actually make a huge difference in terms of maintenance costs and time spent dealing with structural challenges.

The Bottom Line

Sliding glass door systems are becoming more popular every year for a variety of reasons. No matter what lies behind a homeowner’s decision to make the switch to sliding patio doors, it’s important to purchase high-quality doors and hardware from a reputable supplier. Homeowners who want to make the most of their new doors should never attempt a DIY installation. A good supplier will also be able to either install the system using in-house contractors or suggest a local door installation professional who can help.

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