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When fall is on its way, it’s a great time to ensure that your roof represents a strong defense system. Out of all other elements, rain gutters are the most important ones to start with. During the rain storms, a lot of wear and tear happens to the roof. And rain gutters do a significant job of handling the runoff and draining it away from the home.

Gutter Maintenance plays a vital role in improving the longevity of the roof. It can protect your doors, windows, and home’s sidings from the water damage and flooding. So, the need of the hour is to make sure that your gutters are functioning properly during fall.

Here are a few tips to help you get started for the maintenance.

  • Inspect for Leaks & Holes

If you are susceptible about your gutters getting leaked, spray some water on the roof. This way, you can clearly see if the system is leaking or not. You can treat these leaks and holes with high-performance water-resistant sealers. Also, make sure that you seal the holes from both the inside and outside of the gutter.

Moreover, you can use roofing cement to close these holes off. If the issue is severe, you can go for serious repairs by replacing the leaky part altogether.

  • Check Downspouts

If you see signs of excessive leaks, you should go for inspecting your downspouts. It can pose a threat to your roof, basement, and overall structural integrity of your home. All you need to do is to make sure that downspouts are properly redirecting water away from your home.

  • Clean Out the Debris

It is also important to keep yourgutters and downspouts clear from any debris, dust, and leaves. If you don’t keep a proper check on clogged gutters, you will end up having overflowing or loose gutters.

You can avoid this hassle either by installing a proper gutter guard protection system in the first place or by grabbing a ladder and clean out the gutter system on your own before fall rain starts.

  • Inspect the Gutters Pulled Away from the Structure

Have you witnessed any water ponds in your gutter system? If yes, it is because the excessive weight of water might end up pulling the gutters away from the structure. This can only be fixed by regularly checking the integrity of your gutter system. For that, you can take help from Ann Arbor roofing contractors, who would carry out an annual inspection for the proper maintenance.

  • Check the Right Angle of Your Gutter

It is important to keep the gutters slightly slopped towards downspouts to allow the water to drain efficiently. You can check the slope by spraying water on the gutter and see if it flows smoothly towards downspouts or not. For your ease, you can use a diverter to control the flow instantly. If you follow these tips carefully, you will hardly end up facing any roofingproblem during the fall season.

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