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Installing your own kitchen worktops can be an effective way to save a lot of money on a kitchen remodel. However, there are specific materials in which you should and should not consider using depending on the expertise level they involve, if you plan on doing this project.

As it is an attractive and long-lasting substance that’s also pretty simple to set-up, Granite tile worktop is a great option for DIY counters. Review the set-up procedure as summarized below, if you are thinking about making your own granite tile worktops.


The benefits of Granite tile worktop

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Granite is an all-natural rock, so it’s incredibly long-lasting – this is one of the main benefits for this kitchen worktop material. Not only is granite resistant to heat, but it is also entirely stain-resistant, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant. This material will last for decades, should you take good care of it, without wearing or growing dull.




Here are some additional advantages of granite tile worktops:

  • Granite comes in various patterns and rich colours
  • Granite is also naturally insusceptible to bacteria
  • Tile granite is simple to clean – you only need soap and (warm) water
  • Tile granite is simply alluring and it also offers superb options for a custom appearance


Preparing for the installation

filling grout for DIY

Use a thin layer of un-sanded grout to the cement backer board and wriggle the tiles a bit after placing them, in order to eliminate any air bubbles. Start along the edge of the wall and work your way along the rest of the walls, using plastic spacers to guarantee a 1/8-inch gap in between each tiles.

While filling in the entire surface layer of the worktop with tiles, use a level to make certain that each tiles evenly sits with one another. After installing the tiles and letting the initial layer of grout air dry, you’ll still need to apply another layer of grout to smoothly fill in the gaps in between each tiles. The last step in this installation process would be installing a skirt around the edges of the worktop to give it a sleek, finished look.

Granite tiles are always ideal for DIY worktops, since they are easy and ultimately affordable to install. If you’d like to achieve a customised look for your kitchen counters without the difficult and lengthy set-up procedure, consider granite worktops and you’ll surely love the result!



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