Roofs For Tiny Home

The roof is as imperative as the other building elements of the house. It should be aesthetic, sturdy, and functional. Homes under 500 square feet generally, fall under the tiny home category.

Rooftops complete much something beyond filling the most essential down to earth need of shielding a house and its occupants from the outside elements.

Enjoy the beauty of life, in your budget!

The tiny home living offers you many pros like financial stability, freedom to move from one place to another, adventurous living and a simple life. Tiny home builders offer you many functional designs and shapes for your easy and independent living in a small space.

Big houses give you ample scope to experiment with new ideas. But, here we are emphasizing on tiny homes which looks sweet and simple but at the same time restrict your scope of experimenting with new designs to some extent. Roofing contractors in NY or in many other cities of US are well known to effectively guide you to choose the right roof for tiny homes and according to the climatic conditions.

Scroll down to check out the 5 best roof ideas for a tiny home:

  1. Saltbox Roof

Looking for a traditional roof style for your tiny home? Saltbox roof could be the answer. A saltbox house reflects the features of American colonial architecture. This roof style gives an asymmetric look to your tiny home. It has two-side sloping outwards from a central ridge. One side of the slope is longer than other giving a distinctive asymmetric appearance to the home. These roofs can be perfect for the rainy and snowy climatic areas as their design don’t allow snow and water to accumulate on the roof.

  1. Gambrel Roof

This roof style revives the style of Dutch colonial architecture, as they have two-sides each with two slopes. The upper part of the slope is shallower and lower is steep. They are perfect for tiny homes as they give you more space for usage. They are also less expensive and easy to frame. They also give a pleasant and stylish symmetric look to your tiny home. Choose metal in this type of roof as it will reduce the cost of maintenance.

  1. Gable Roof

Gable roof is the most widespread among all as it is easy to construct and cheaper than others. It is a roof having two downward sloping sides making an angle from the center ridge, which forms a gable at each end. These roofs are ideal for cold climate and heavy rainfall. Gable roof with steep pitch can also endure strong wind effects. It has a variety of design like Shed gable roof, Dutch gable roof, and Cross gable roof.

  1. Flat Roof

These roofs are appropriate for arid climates. As the name implies they don’t have a slope which allows you to use the roof space for living including a roof garden, dry laundry, and storage. They are stronger than inclined roofs. With a proper drainage system, all flat roofs have a slope of between five and 15 degrees to allow water to flow into drain systems and, they can also endure rainfalls. They give an elegant and simple look to your tiny home.

  1. Shed Roof

The shed roof is mainly a single-sloped roof design. It is simple yet versatile they can be added to other roof styles to give extra coverage like shed gable roof etc. Snow and rainwater can easily run-off from the roof, which makes them perfect for cold climate regions. According to most of the roofing contractors in NY, shed roof gives a sophisticated and cool look to a tiny home without compromising with its functionality. Additionally, it makes more usable space than a common peak rooftop, which has two low dividers and a crest at the middle.

Good Luck With The Roofing Decision!

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