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Terelee Homes is one of the best websites in the Home Improvement category that provides home improvement, renovation, remodeling, design, real estate and maintenance tips, ideas and trends. We work with many professional industry experts to provide the latest tips, ideas and trends. As a result, our community is growing day by day and it is becoming popular among home owners as a help to them. However, there is always room for enhancement to serve more better.

So we are open to any suggestions. We encourage industry professionals to share ideas, suggestions and thoughts. This also helps them make the community aware of the services they provide and increase their chances of reaching new customers.

Who can write for us?

Are you passionate about the home domain? We welcome experts from every field of home industry. No matter which field you are associated with. We want to provide accurate and correct information to our audience on real estate, home tips, maintenance, designing, remodeling, renovation and all the topics related to home. So we welcome all the experts and encourage them to write helpful content for us.

Then say Hello! via our contact us page.

What are the Guidelines for Guest Post Submission?

To publish writing here, the content must follow the following guidelines:

  1. Relevancy: Make sure the writing is based on topics related to home.
  2. Originality: To get your submission published here, your content must be original. While writing content for us, keep in mind that it should be a human written post because we do not publish AI generated content. It is also mandatory for the content to be plagiarism free and ensure that this content has not been published anywhere else.
  3. Quality: Before publishing, do deep research on the topic, collect important information and create a helpful and real-life content for our readers.
  4. Post Length: The post should be of 1000 words.
  5. Formatting: Format your guest post well and make it easy to read and understand. For this, divide the post into clear headings and subheadings. You can also use lists according to the content to make it more attractive. By doing this you can make your post simple and easy to understand for readers.
  6. Language and Style: Write your article in a professional tone. And keep it free from grammatical errors. To avoid rejection, proofread the article before submitting it.
  7. Backlink: Yeah, you can add a link to a product or service you offer (by paying an editorial fee). But it should have an appropriate anchor text and appear organically within the content and avoid irrelevant spam placement.
  8. No Promotional Content: We do not accept self-promotional material, but you may provide information about your product or service if it is relevant to the topic.

How to submit an article?

Excited to share your insights with our community? Send your article to, and our dedicated editorial team will promptly review it within 2-4 days. We are committed to ensuring your content meets our high standards. Upon approval, we’ll notify you promptly with the published URL. We look forward to showcasing your contribution!

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