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What Is The Albertan Commercial Property Management Association?

Commercial Property Management Association

Across all industries, associations are the focal representation of the standards and interests of those in the same industry. As an organized group, they contribute to spearheading purposeful initiatives and invaluable industry insight. Essentially, they bring credence to their industry through their organization.

Those involved in associations are filled with members with knowledge and experience that can be helpful to the public. In which case, when it comes to wanting to learn more about commercial property management, it’s imperative to be aware of the association within your own province.

Why is that?

Standards and regulations can vary from province to province, so making sure you’re following the right association is key. Once aware of them, it would be good to be well acquainted with them and understand what they represent. For Alberta’s commercial property management association, you can expect answers from members of the real estate council of Alberta (RECA).

What Do They Do?

Like any non-profit organization, the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) strives for a purpose that they work endlessly to fulfill. For RECA, it means being an independent governing authority that sets, regulates and enforces standards. These include the following: residential real estate, condominium management, mortgage licensees, and most importantly, commercial real estate and property management.

They’re responsible for ensuring industry standards are met by making sure licensed professionals are meeting certain criteria – in essence, they are the rule makers when it comes to the real estate industry. In addition, they do provide educational information for licensees by providing resources and tips to help their clients.

Above all, RECA endeavors to help consumers regarding the facilitation of protecting against, investigating, detecting, and suppressing fraud relating to the business of linecees.

If you’re wanting to reach out to anyone in the council, it’s best to make sure you’re contacting the right one. In RECA, there are four Industry Councils, one for each specific sector within the industry. When it comes to commercial property management.

By being aware of how RECA operates, you can get a better understanding of how the industry works and its impact.

How Can They Help?

For starters, RECA has a wealth of resources ranging across multiple areas of real estate for licensees and consumers alike. All information is easily accessible as they are able to break down common commercial property management questions like ‘what is property management?’ and ‘condominium management vs. property management.’ It makes looking for resources less intimidating as they keep industry terminology and laymen terms separate. As a result, they’re able to effectively communicate to those involved in the industry, but also consumers as well.

Additionally, they provide documentation and resources regarding the legislation and standards expected in the industry, including commercial property management. With information being so transparent and open to the public, it gives your everyday consumer more power through knowledge and agency with the decisions they make regarding commercial property management. Not your everyday person knows this information and having it readily available can help when mitigating any issues, concerns, or inquiries.

For those considering a career in commercial property management, RECA does provide educational resources and information on how to step into the industry. They break down what is needed and expected out of a commercial property manager, making it easier for those curious to understand what it all entails first before pursuing it.

With an association like RECA, post-secondary institutions like the University of Calgary have partnered with RECA to facilitate courses in commercial property management. This brings a level of trust, confidence, credibility towards what they do as an association that showcases how dedicated they are to community engagement.

If you’re a seasoned commercial property manager, education doesn’t stop itself after you get your license. RECA does provide resources for licensee’s benefit through ways to help improve upon themselves to thrive better within the industry. 

Navigating the sphere of residential property management can be confusing and overwhelming. It’s why we like to provide handy insight like this to help others have more informed decisions when it comes to property management. If you would like further consultation about property management, you can email us at or call us at (403) 775-0059. Leave all the details of property management on us – we got you!

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