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What Do Millennials & Gen Z Look For In A Home?

what to look for in a home

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

Over the past couple years, the housing market has experienced profound impacts, especially during and after the pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped millennials and Gen Zers from purchasing homes. Both generations have clear preferences when it comes to home buying, and their tastes differ. Read on to learn what millennials and Gen Zers look for in a home.

What Millennials Seek in a House?

Many millennials understand that their first home may not be their dream home, and they are OK with that because it allows them to build wealth. Here are a few aspects they seek when it comes to home buying:

What Gen Z Wants in a Home?

Gen Zers are optimistic change-makers. They are still graduating from college and many of them are renting, however, they aim to become homeowners. This generation differs from millennials because they tend to be thriftier and more practical. They also save more money. 

Here are several factors that they look for in an abode:

What Both Generations Want

At some point in their lives, both generations may be interested in rental property financing. For more information about what these two generations look for when home buying, see the accompanying resource.

This infographic was created by Renovo Financial

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