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Small Home Office Design Ideas That Will Boost Your Productivity

small home office design ideas that will boost your productivity

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Today, more people are working in their home offices than ever. So it’s very important to consider the most productive work spaces at home.

A Workforce Survey revealed that remote workers are more likely to report being happy with their jobs than their counterparts working in company offices (57% vs. 50%). This post will look at some awesome small home office design ideas that you can implement.

Home Office Design for Functionality

There are numerous reasons why many workers are choosing to work from the comfort of their homes. First, one can customize the home office to their liking. When renting office space, there is a limit to the changes an interior design company can make to the workplace.

And when a company moves its offices, almost all additions are lost. The design process has to start from scratch again. On the other hand, workers usually have complete control of their home offices – they can add equipment, tools, colours, or anything else that increases their productivity.

Secondly, these home offices improve an employee’s focus. Many employees are unable to concentrate at their workplaces. There are numerous distractions – from colleagues who can’t talk in low voices to vehicle sounds from the streets below. Your home provides a quiet environment, and you can play your favourite music in the background as you work. In addition, you save money and time that would have been spent commuting.

Note that home offices are also great for students. Although students spend most of their time in schools and campuses, their homes provide the best environment to study. There are no distractions, and they can create a study area that boosts their focus.

Challenges of Having Limited Space for Your Workplace

While reports show that working at home makes employees more productive and satisfied with their jobs, this is not always the case. Your home office design is one of the main factors that can decrease your productivity.

When space is inadequate, it may seem impossible to create an office design that improves your performance.  You will realize that all the storage spaces are always full, making it difficult to find a place for new equipment.

Limited space also makes your office space look cluttered and untidy. If something were to get lost, you’d take forever to find it. Also, chances of getting tripped by things like cables and equipment strewn all over the office space are high. Remember, if your workspace is messy, you may lose the motivation to accomplish your daily tasks. A human mind works well in a tidy, organized space.

Contrary to what many think, it’s not really the space that matters but the design. The right design for a small area can help you remove clutter and build the kind of office space you’ve always wanted.

Creative Ways to Design a Small Office

Experts recommend the following small home office design ideas:

  1. Use a room divider – If the office space is in the living room and you want to avoid distractions such as the TV and family members, you can use a curtain as a divider.
  2. Utilize vertical space – Your wall is vital if you do not have much ground space. Use rods with hooks, hanging files, and wall shelves to store work equipment.
  3. Add some plants – Including potted plants in your office design helps make the air cleaner and the space more presentable. Find plants you like or ones that match your décor.
  4. Get a standing desk – Sitting down for long periods is known to cause medical conditions such as lower back pain. Therefore, consider acquiring a standing desk that allows you to sit or stand while working. You will be able to work for long without feeling fatigued.
  5. Add some colour – Colours influence our moods and could be the reason why one employee performs better than the other. If you don’t understand colour psychology, get and an interior design expert to guide you.

Checkout the Types of Desks to Choose For Your Office Space

Your small home office also needs good lighting. Put the desk near the window or in a place that receives maximum sunlight. You can also get a desk lamp to improve lighting at the desk. Other pieces of furniture and equipment you need include a comfortable chair, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), adjustable desk, strong internet connection, filing cabinet, and a top-quality computer.

To get more insights, attend Tenant Talks virtual events on workplace strategy and improving employee wellness through modern home office design. Your workspace could be the reason why you’re not productive. Use the above small home office design ideas to improve your performance.

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