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7 Rug Buying Mistakes to Avoid

rug buying mistakes to avoid

Photo by Claudio Schwarz from Unsplash

Every area in the house benefits greatly from the warmth, personality, and comfort that rugs bring. If chosen carefully, the ideal rug can completely change a room and last for many years. Very Few objects in a house have the ability to unify a space like a rug does. Rugs give an area a cosy, welcoming feeling and may truly set the mood. They also aid in creating zones inside your house.

Although buying a rug is just as ordinary as choosing a sheet set or a pair of curtains, there are a few important factors to consider before making a decision. In order to help you avoid such blunders, we accumulated a few pointers that will give you an insight  on the common mistakes that buyers make when choosing rugs.

So, if you want to buy a carpet for your home efficiently and accurately, make the necessary preparations and be sure to stay away from the typical mistakes that people make.

The next section discusses seven of these critical errors.

1. Not considering any established options

Make sure you already have designs you like that completely match the style of the rooms where you intend to install the carpets or rugs before going anywhere to search for a carpet.

You can do this by visiting Pinterest and pinning carpet designs to use as a guide for your purchasing.

And even then, if you are not able to find the perfect rug for you, go for custom rug designs.

2. Take your lifestyle into consideration.

 It’s crucial to take into account your lifestyle in your house because some carpet types can be difficult to maintain over time.

For instance, you may discover that some carpet styles and materials, like wool, acquire more pet dander than others if you have small pets in your home. The greatest option if you frequently find yourself too busy to regularly vacuum your floors is to select a low care anti-dust carpet. Not only is it simpler to clean, but it also resists many kinds of grime.

Other lifestyle factors to take into account include if you have young children who often play on the floor, your budget, where you live, and even your health.

3. Not taking the size of the area in consideration

Buying area rugs that are too small for their space is probably the most frequent error decorators make. The rug fits, so it might not seem like much of a problem, but the issue is with visual signals. Your space may appear smaller if you have a tiny area rug. Instead of pulling them out, it draws them in.

If your furniture won’t fit on your rug, it is too small. The sofa and chairs in your living room, for instance, might not all fit on the rug.

4. Not experimenting

Why choose a plain rug when there are so many different colours, shapes, and patterns available? Try laying out a vibrant and unique area rug to lend an emphasis to a room that is mostly neutral tones. Nowadays there’s a huge range of cartoon rugs, anime rugs, custom logo rugs are available in the market Additionally, you don’t have to keep with the typical rectangle; in many places, enormous circles or ovals work beautifully.

5. Focused on the sale only

Sales are exciting because everyone wants to save money whenever possible. The issue is that concentrating more on the merchandise can cause you to stray from your genuine values and ideals. There is a chance that you wouldn’t actually be obtaining the best deal as a result.

It’s wise to keep true to what you want while looking for carpets that are not only fashionable and practical but can also serve your home for a long time. But please see if you can get a good price for it.

6. Not considering the quality of the material

Although it’s simple to fall in love with a certain rug’s design or texture, there are other factors to take into account before making a purchase. One of the important things to consider if you want to prevent a common error is what the rug’s purpose is in the location you’ll be placing it in and what would be useful in that particular space. For instance, a low pile rug made of a more forgiving material, like nylon or polyester, will likely be best suited for areas with high traffic or where spills are more common, like dining rooms. Furniture won’t leave as many unattractive stains as it would on a rug with a higher pile density as it will be easy to clean afterwards.

7. Not buying a rug pad

We completely understand that the concept of adding even more expenditure to the purchase with something that goes underneath the rug and isn’t even visible seems annoying when you’ve already spent quite a bit of money on the area rug itself. But failing to get a rug pad is a very typical error that may be readily prevented by, well, simply purchasing the rug pad! Now, it’s less of a problem if you’re laying a rug over a carpet. However, a rug pad is a must if you’re putting a rug on hard surfaces like hardwood or tile.

Final thought about Rug Buying Mistakes you should Avoid

These are the top seven errors people make when purchasing carpets. Knowing this will enable you to get the best carpets to enhance the aesthetics and usefulness of your home. We hope that this article will help you but your dream rug to add the most beautiful touch to your home.

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