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Modern Fireplaces For Your Stylish Home

Some home owners feel the need to incorporate the finest detailing in their abode. Some would even go for a customized fireplace designed to be mounted specifically by their indicated dimensions.

If you are one of those modish home owners, just browse through these stunning fireplace designs and you’ll surely be inspired to get one for your own home!

Ceiling Hung Design

Split up a wide open-space by incorporating a contemporary design fireplace that also serves as a magnificent focal feature. Like any other suspended fireplaces in our exclusive collection, this particular piece is also custom-designed to fit perfectly between the floors and the ceiling, providing a perfect four-sided view to the flickering flames.

The Double-sided

Here’s another piece from our fireplace design collection that’s truly a stunning piece from every angle. It was made with are markable top section that spreads all the way up to the ceiling. This piece had also been tailored to fit flawlessly within the room, and sealed off with strong glass to provide a two-sided view of the dancing flames.

The Glass Feature

The beauty of this design is that it delivers a splendid focal feature to this spacious living space, all while enabling the natural light to enter and flow freely within the entire area. The strikingly gorgeous flames emitted by this fireplace provide instant warmth, making it an ideal place to sit back and relax after a long day of work.

Outdoor Fireplace

If you’re looking for contemporary fireplace design that is meant to produce an outstanding outdoor ambiance, then this design might be the one for you. This is a bespoke outdoor gas fire with top quality glass safety and wind surround that is fixed right at the center of a coffee table. It is truly an ideal way to cozy up with family and friends during the weekend.

Sleek Fireplace Design

Fireplaces can also look amazing in other areas of your house like the kitchen space, so long as it has been properly integrated. This specific design has a slim line feature, making it the perfect partition piece for the dining and prep area of your kitchen. It was made to be completely exposed on three sides, allowing warmth to radiate from all angles.

The Cozy Space

With its three-sided view of the warm flames and stunningly floating canopy; this modern wall fireplaceis indeed a piece of art. Just throw in some soft pillows to the side and you got yourself a comfortable reading area that’s close to the warmth exuded by the dazzling fire.

Fireplaces can look from stylishly traditional to ultimately modern. Nevertheless, it’s still the function that makes it truly practical for everyday living.

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