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How to Increase Curb Appeal with Paint

Curb Appeal with Paint

Selling your home can be a super stressful process and one which most of us want completed and out of the way as quickly and painlessly as possible. If you are looking to sell, then chances are you have heard of plenty of ways to boost your prospects by adjusting your interior design, but have you considered ways to boost your curb appeal?

First impressions count, and the right paint job can make a big difference in helping you sell your home. Read on for our top tips to make sure you bag that sale in no time!

Take yourself out of the equation

The first thing to remember is that you are not painting this house for you – this is purely for the buyer. Avoid being tempted by your own tastes and preferences, such as a specific color or design scheme. Instead, put yourself in the shoes of potential buyers.

As a rule, most purchasers want to be able to picture themselves living in your home, and so the best bet is to make it as neutral as possible. Make sure it is a good fit with the other homes in the neighborhood – this is not the time to stand out – and that the paintwork is fresh, appealing, and adequately finished to a high standard.

Remember the details

As the old saying goes, the devil really is in the details, and these are important to get right. A potential buyer will have their eyes drawn to a tired-looking fence, a badly-finished porch, or a front door that looks dated. This may put them into a negative mindset before they have taken a single step through the front door, and give them the wrong impression of your neighborhood.

Smarten up all the exterior details before your house goes on the market. Doors, window frames, lamps, trims, fences, and porches should all be updated, and everything left ready to impress.

Similarly, if you have any furniture such as chairs, swings, or tables on show, make sure that these also receive a fresh coat of paint. Nothing dulls a bright new redecoration like drab, tired accessories!

Open the door to a warm welcome

The color you pick for your front door is one of the most critical decisions and can have a surprisingly significant impact on the attitude of your viewer. The entry is often the feature that draws the eye on the front of the house. They tend to be a key focal point and can help buyers form an instant, split-second opinion as to what lies beneath.

Make sure that the door blends or complements the others on your street; this will help viewers instantly feel as though they are a valued part of a broader, cohesive community. You should also make sure that the color is welcoming and neutral; again, this helps create a blank canvas effect, making it easier for outsiders to picture themselves in your home.

Use appropriate materials

Using appropriate materials may seem obvious, but getting this step wrong can have a significant impact on your home’s curb appeal. Make sure the paint your purchase is correct for the job; for example, specialist weatherproof wood paint for fences and doors and masonry paint for brickwork. This reduces the risk of the paint peeling and fading, both of which make your house a far less appealing prospect.

Set off the paint with accessories

A good paint job in itself may not be enough to attract interest; you need to complement it with something extra. Potted plants can be a perfect addition to help your home look appealing and welcoming, and you can carefully pick flowers and colors which show off your new paint selection to its very best.

These accessories can be a perfect opportunity to add some color and personality, while still keeping the overall aesthetic neutral and welcoming for prospective buyers. Extras such as a bench on a freshly painted porch also offer a tempting glimpse into the life they could enjoy.

Don’t forget the decking!

There is no point in showing off perfectly painted walls if the illusion is shattered at the first step. If you have a deck or porch floor, make sure that this is freshly painted or stained. Faded or damaged areas will show up more obviously if the rest is looking fantastic, so make sure you remember to include these areas in your updates.

Pick your color with care

The color you choose can have a massive impact on the statement your home makes to others. The classic ‘greige’ – a cross between grey and beige – can be perfect for those looking for a blank canvas, while a pale, powder blue is indicative of a shiny, fresh new start – perfect for newlyweds or those hoping to start a family!

For more elegant and sophisticated neighborhoods, a dark, slate grey can be the perfect way to feel as though they have stepped into something special, while a deep, rich navy offers an ideal blend of classic overview and modern details. Both of these can help you stand out for the right reasons.

Sage can also be a popular choice for houses in the city; it immediately invites connotations of greenery and foliage and can act as a clever optical illusion if your plot is lacking either of these.

Keep it clean

Once you have brightened up your home with a fresh lick of paint, regular maintenance is essential to help it stay looking its best for longer. Make sure to regularly scrub the brickwork and quickly remove any marks, moss, or unsightly patches. Window and door frames should be sleek and bright, and the overall impact should be of a home that is welcoming and friendly.

With just a few simple changes, you can help your property to go from ‘tempting” to a “must-have” – and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Why not get started today, and you could find yourself signing on the dotted line before you know it!

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