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Essential Tips to Clean Air Conditioning Ducts

tips to clean air conditioning ducts

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The existence of an air conditioning system is common in almost every residence and commercial place in recent times. Again with the advancement, ducted air conditioners have become the favourite in recent times among homeowners. But, installing an air conditioner is not sufficient, you need to take regular maintenance of the air conditioning system. Here you need to understand the steps relating to air conditioning ducts cleaning to keep the system updated.

Tips to Clean Air Conditioning Ducts

Many homeowners are reluctant to clean the air conditioning ducts, and they often ask if it is necessary to clean the air ducts. Well, experts say that if you don’t clean the air ducts at regular intervals, it will start developing molds and insects inside the system. This will create a hindrance in the proper working of the system. Hence, it is always preferable to hire professionals to keep up the air condition without any hassle. 

1. Replacement of air filters

Cleaning the air filters is the primary step to maintaining the air duct conditioning system. Once you hire professionals, they will let you know whether cleaning the air filters is sufficient or if you need to replace them. Cleaning the air conditioning system at regular intervals will help in the reduction of power consumption by between 5 to 15 percent. 

2. Cleaning of condenser unit

Keeping the area around the air conditioning condenser clean is always necessary. Here you need to hire professionals to clean air conditioning ducts and the air condenser area. A clean area will help in good airflow inside the house. A condenser unit is responsible for limiting dust and debris entering the house; hence, the air quality inside the house remains hygienic. It will also project the air conditioning coils to become dirty. 

3. Clean the coils and fins

After cleaning the air conditioning filter, it is also necessary to clean the air conditioning coils and fins. You will notice a reduction in the airflow and its ability to absorb heat. Proper cleaning of the condenser unit will allow more healthy air to enter the room. 

4. Check condensate drainage

It is necessary to check the condensate drainage, and if it is blocked, the air conditioning system will not be able to reduce the humidity. Here it is necessary to use stiff wire inside the drain to clean the blockage. It is always suggested to clean the condensate drainage with the help of a professional. 

5. Clean air vents

It is also necessary to clean the return air vents around the home. Cleaning other air vents will help the air inside the house be clean and hygienic.  

Conclusion about air conditioning duct cleaning

The above are the basics that all need to follow in cleaning the air conditioning system’s air duct. No doubt, cleaning the air ducts and other parts of an air conditioning system will help to enjoy comfortable air in your house. It is also suggested always call professionals to clean the air conditioning system because they will provide the best service for a long time.

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