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6 Common Solar Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

solar panel installation

Image by Chris Chesneau from Pixabay

Solar power is the most abundant energy source available to us. There are over 173,000 terawatts of energy that are continuously striking the Earth. Which is over 10,000 times our world’s total energy use. Many are making the switch to solar power.

With this new concept, it can be quite confusing. Read on to find 6 common solar mistakes and how you can avoid hindering your progress.

1. Improper Sizing

Most will design their solar panel system on a few key factors such as the electricity bill and power usage. Many fail to consider other elements that make all the difference. This includes natural efficiency declines, the orientation of panels, and voltage settings.

Avoid this mistake by taking all critical factors into consideration.

2. Believing All Systems Prevent Power Outages

That’s one of the benefits of solar energy, right? Not always! Producing your own power sounds like it wouldn’t matter if everyone else’s lights go out.

That is not the case for systems that are grid-tied. This is because the power that comes from your solar panel is hosted on a public grid. When that grid goes out, so does your power.

Prevent this from happening by hooking up your grid-tied solar panel to a backup battery. This way your power will stay on when the grid is off.

3. Leasing Your System

This might seem like a great option when you can avoid installation fees but it can run up the bill in the long-term. You’ll need to pay monthly for your panels and you won’t get tax cuts or other incentives. In addition, you’ll pay a premium rate on top of your monthly bill and you won’t be able to transfer the lease to new homebuyers easily.

Instead of leasing, opt for purchasing. Getting the installation fee out of the way clears you of monthly payments and gets you all the perks.

4. Improper Placement

Solar panel designs aren’t the most appealing look for your home. Some people prefer to keep them hidden from plain sight. This is okay to do as long as they are in a viable place for them to work efficiently.

Don’t let this hurt you by placing them in the correct area and avoiding shadows or obstructions.

5. Going Cheap

The average solar panel costs between $10,000 and $28,000. There are two main reasons that people want to switch to solar; to save money and to help the environment. The short-term savings of going cheap on your solar panels can hurt you in the long-run when you have to replace and repair faulty systems.

Avoid cutting corners. Spend the money on a system that will last you.

6. Making It a DIY Project

Again, you may be looking to save money and do it yourself. There are numerous factors that need to be considered with solar panel installation. Things like the weight of the panels, appropriate roof support, wiring, and other technical elements.

If you’re not an expert on solar energy, look into solar installation companies. These experts can ensure that you have an efficient setup and get the most out of your system.

Avoiding Common Solar Mistakes

Going solar is an exciting feat. Not only does it save you money but it helps the ongoing energy crisis. With this new system, you’ll want to avoid these common solar mistakes. TereleeHomes provides inspiring ideas and smart tips for home improvement and interior designing. Subscribe to us for the latest in home improvement tips, advice, and news.

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