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7 Common Air Conditioner Problems & their Solutions — The Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide

air conditioner problems & their solutions

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An air conditioner requires proper maintenance and cleaning to provide optimal performance. Otherwise, you might encounter technical glitches in the long run. An unwanted AC breakdown can bring a lot of inconvenience in hot-humid weather.

 Thus, you must know how to troubleshoot them to fix the device. Repairing an air conditioner might seem daunting and time-consuming.  Most homeowners contact an expert to resolve their AC issues. However, you can troubleshoot minor AC problems without any external help. It’ll save money with AC.

Here are the most common AC issues and their solutions, which every homeowner must be aware of:

1.  Water Leakage Issues

Inadequate maintenance can result in water leakage problems in the AC’s indoor units. Homeowners can experience this issue due to a clogged condensate drain.

Algae or fungi can accumulate inside the AC drain over time, causing water leaks.

Another reason for this AC problem could be a broken condensate pump. Thus, check the source of the water leak first to overcome the problem. If you detect any damage in the condensate pump, contact Chiller maintenance Dubai for an instant repair.

How to Resolve an Air Conditioner’s Water Leakage Issue?

The AC might reduce its cooling efficiency if you don’t fix this issue on time. Besides, you may get high utility bills for a blocked condensate drain. Moreover, the air conditioning system might even refuse to turn on if this unit is clogged with algae.

But, the good news is that – The water leakage can be fixed easily by unclogging the condensate drain.

Many use bleach and other chemical products to clean this AC drain. However, these cleaning products can damage the plumbing system. Instead, use white vinegar and distilled water to unclog the drain and prevent algae growth.

Follow these steps to clean the AC’s condensate drain:

2.  Insufficient Airflow

A clogged air filter can reduce the airflow and increase the room’s moisture level. Thus, you must clean the dirty air filters to troubleshoot this problem. You can also improve indoor air quality by unclogging this AC unit. Thus, check the air filter and clean it immediately if it’s blocked with dirt particles.

How to Unclog an Air Conditioner’s Air filters?

You must clean the filters every 2-3 months to keep the AC in top-notch condition. Moreover, homeowners can reduce energy consumption by unclogging the AC filters.

Extend the device’s longevity by following this filter cleaning tip:

3.  Rattling or Banging Noises from AC

Is the air conditioner making a banging or rattling noise? There could be many reasons behind this. Leaves and dirt particles get stuck inside the condenser and cause noise. Remove the condenser cover and the stuck items to fix the issue.

The inside and outside units vibrate when you turn on the AC. This vibration can cause the screws to become loose, causing a loud noise. Thus, you can resolve this AC problem by tightening the screws with a screwdriver. Turn on the device afterwards and check if it’s making any sound. If the problem persists, you might have to replace the fan motor or compressor.

4.  Improper Cooling

A frozen evaporator coil can prevent the air conditioner from cooling properly. It is a common AC issue and occurs due to extreme dirt buildup. The dirt accumulated on the coil restricts the airflow. Besides, it blocks the warm air from reaching the refrigerant. As a result, the refrigerant becomes cold, and the moisture on the coil freezes.

How to troubleshoot the AC’s Cooling Problems?

You must first check if the home AC’s evaporator coil is frozen. If yes, let this indoor unit defrost by turning off the device. Ensure the circuit breaker panel is off to avoid shock or electrical damage.

Usually, the evaporator coil takes approximately 24 hours to defrost completely. Use a hairdryer to speed up the process. However, you should keep the hairdryer’s temperature low; otherwise, too high a temperature can overheat the AC’s evaporator coil.

Turn on the AC’s “Fan mode” in case of moderate frost. The blower fan defrosts the evaporator coil in this mode without shutting down the system. To avoid further cooling issues, you must clean the AC coil every 3-4 months.

5.  The AC is Running Constantly

Is the air conditioner running even after turning it off? Then, something might be wrong with the thermostat. Try to turn off the thermostat fan first and check if that fixes the problem. If the AC is still running, the problem lies with the dirty air filters. Clean the air filters immediately to overcome this complicated AC problem.

Moreover, you can experience this issue due to a dirty evaporator coil. Cleaning this AC unit can resolve this technical glitch.

Here is how you can remove the dust or dirt buildup from the evaporator coil:

You may need to replace the ducts if the AC keeps on running. Besides, a blocked condenser can also generate this problem in the device. Clean this AC unit to turn off the cooling system without glitches.

Is there a layer of grime on the AC’s fan blade?

It could also be a reason behind this AC problem. Thus, cleaning the fan blade can help you to overcome this AC problem. Adjust the fan speed if the cooling device is running continuously.

6.  The AC is Blowing Warm Air

The air conditioner might circulate warm air due to the dirty air filter. Thus, you must clean the filters to overcome this AC problem.

Are you using the air filter for more than a year? Consider replacing the existing filter with a new one to improve the airflow.

Besides, homeowners can encounter this issue when the refrigerant level is low. Adding refrigerant to AC units can fix this problem. AC owners should also take expert’s help to refill the refrigerant with R-22 or R140A gas in the following way::

7.  An Unpleasant Smell coming from System

Are you getting an unpleasant odour from the AC? Turn off the cooling system immediately. Switch off the circuit breaker panel and check the air filters. If you find the AC filter contaminated, clean them using a garden hose. Otherwise, the dirty filters can overheat the device and prevent it from working.

Moreover, you can get a musty smell due to water accumulation in the drain pan. Remove this AC unit and clean it with distilled vinegar and water solution. Let the solution soak for at least 30 minutes and rinse it off with water. Turn on the AC, and you won’t get any unpleasant smell.

Other Air Conditioner Issues That You Can Fix

Is the cooling system turning on and off repeatedly? It could be due to a clogged air filter. You must calibrate the thermostat properly to overcome this AC issue.

Besides, if the AC refuses to turn on, check the circuit breaker before contacting an expert. Turn it on to restore the device’s power connection.

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