Do you and your family members constantly fight over the air conditioning remote? You’re not alone. It’s one of the things that families commonly fight over. When it’s more than 30 degrees outside, everyone wants to cool down the rooms in their home. However, the degree at which the air conditioning unit should be put at is the area of contention. In general though, what do industry experts say is the best temperature to put an air conditioning unit at for efficiency and for maximum cooling comfort?

Some of the folks at say that 25.5 degrees Celsius is the best temperature for general cooling during the day. You can program the air conditioning unit by using the remote to start and stop and reach that temperature whenever you want it to. Just read the manual or look at the buttons for detailed instructions of how to program your air conditioning unit. If you’re at work and would still like your air conditioning unit to be on, the recommended temperature setting for that time is 29.4 degrees Celsius. At night when you’re asleep, it is recommended that the temperature be put to 27.7 degrees Celsius.

If those temperatures are still not comfortable for you, you can try lowering or raising the temperature a degree at a time to see what you and you family can agree on are your ideal temperatures. For even a better cooling experience, using a fan that pushes the cooled air from the air conditioner is recommended.

If you own a window air conditioner for the bedroom, the person that likes it the coolest can sleep closer to the unit and the person that doesn’t like it too cold can sleep away from it and with a heavier blanket. It is said though that cooler temperatures help a person sleep deeper and better than warmer temperatures. Instead of keeping the unit on when you’re not in the room, you can turn it on a few minutes before you go to bed to save on your electricity bill.

For people that find certain temperatures too cold though others in their family find it ideal, the ones who are too cold can bundle up. It is more difficult to cool down than to warm up, so having family members compromise is best. The chilled family members can wear socks, leggings, or jumpers around the home if they find the temperature too cold for their taste. For family members that get too hot, they can wear thinner clothing and shorts around the home. They can also find ways to insulate their home better to keep their home cool during hot weather and keep it warm during cooler weather.

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