Basics Of Hanging A Wall Art

Antique looking brass incense burner, brass candle holder, decorative wall shelves, brass wall hanging, oriental tapestry wall hanging, miniature painting or whatever the nice piece of wall art you have bought today will really look great on your bedroom wall. However, the beautiful wall art that you are admiring is going to be a source of stress. You have to choose the right spot for mounting the wall art. What should be the right height for mounting? How should it be arranged with other wall arts hanging on the wall? You also want to keep your expensive wall safe and secure. So, we are making it simple for you.

Hanging A Wall Art

Start With Basics

We all think that only nuts and bolts keep a wall art secure. However, you need not hammer into a stud. You don’t even need to install hefty drywall anchors. Here is what you can do:

Use Wall Art Hanging Hooks

You can use hanging hooks at the place of heavy nails and screws. These hooks are secure. You just have to choose the right hook that can hold the weight of the wall art. A hanging hook goes into the wall at an angle. Therefore, your wall art is not going crash to the floor.

Buy the Right Hanging Hook

There are three types of hanging hooks. A one-nail hook holds wall art weighing less than or equal to 30 pounds. A two-nail hanging hook can hold less than or equal to 50 pounds. The third type of the hanging hook is the three-nail hook. This hanging hook is capable of holding wall art weighing between 75 to 100 pounds.

Two Hanging Hooks per Artwork

Hanging hooks are secure. You can multiply the security of the wall art by using two hooks. The wall art will remain leveled over the time when you are hanging it on two hooks.

Install Two D-Rings

Avoid using wire and install two D-rings on the back of the frame.

Align D-Rings and Picture Hook

Make sure that D-rings and hanging hooks are aligned when you are installing D-rings. You can use a ruler and a level to ensure this alignment.

Arrange to Make a Style StatementWall Art photos

Now, it’s time to pick a spot for hanging the wall art. Here is how this is done.

Find a Helper

Before you hammer hanging hooks into the wall, ask the helper to hold the wall art against the wall. Now, take a few steps back and see how good the wall art looks with other walls arts hanging on the wall.

The 60 Inches Rule

Follow this rule when you are hanging only one wall art. The center of the wall art should be 60 inches off the ground (the center of the wall art, not the hanging hook).

Space between Wall Arts

The space between wall arts depends on the sizes of the wall arts. Keep a 2 inches gap between larger wall arts. A gap of one and a half inches is ideal for smaller wall arts such as family photos.

Hope these tips will help you in decorating your wall in the best possible way. Just have fun when you are hanging your wall art.

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