top Air Purifiers for Home

Have you heard about “air purifiers” before? No? That’s ok; we’ll figure it out right now.

An air purifier is a device that will make you breath fresh, clean air. You have the impression that the air inside your house is decent, but the truth is not quite like that. The air we breath contains lots of microscopic particles that can make us feel bad or even become ill after some time.

If you have a child in the house, you should know that an air purifier is all you need for him to breath clean, fresh air and to keep him safe. If you are allergic, probably it’s not a good idea to breathe dust or pollen. If you are a big fan of decluttering your house every week, but risen dust makes you sneeze, then you should get an air purifier.

What does an air purifier do?

Decluttering your house may make dust particles rise and get into your lungs causing you sneeze on a continuous basis. It should not be like that. Particles should stay all together, not getting in your air system to make you feel uncomfortable and not wanting to dust your house again. When things like that happen, air purifier gets into the action by removing allergens, dust, pollen, pollutants, particles from the air you are currently breathing.
How to choose the best air purifier from a market filled with items?

We have prepared three best air purifiers ideas for you.

1. VonHaus Purifier

This air purifier will clear the viruses off your house air to offer you a genuinely purified air. The particularity of this device is the True HEPA filter which has an excellent reputation for being able to absorb more than 99.7% of pollutants greater than 0.3 micros. Besides other air purifiers who make a big noise, this one is as silent as possible.

2. Tevigo Ionizer

This air purifier is perfect for the rooms where the air is smelling worse than other parts of the house, like bathrooms or smokers room. The price is affordable, and the design is pretty compact. It works by using negative ions to get undesired particles out of the air. It will not need a change filter because it doesn’t contain one. As a bonus, you will get a free cleaning brush. It will not disturb you while working, so you can use it in silence in the bedroom or workspace.

3. PureMate XJ-1000

This device has the most compact design of all the recommendations. It is so small that you can take it for a compact radio. If you don’t like its design, you can always hide it in a tricky corner of the room. It doesn’t use any filters so that you can use it for a long time with no worries. A Puremate air purifier is utterly silent since it has no motor and you can use it even in your bedroom or your baby’s room. If you need perfect silence in your place to fell asleep, you don’t need to worry. It won’t disturb your sleep. Another exciting thing about this air purifier is that it uses adverse ionic and advanced electronic air movement technologic to provide the best purifying process.

We presented you with our top three air purifiers. It’s up to you to choose one, the one which suits you and your family needs. Choose wisely, buy smart, live a healthy life!

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