Skylight is an integral part of your roof which doesn’t only illuminate your living space but also serves the purpose of ventilation. As a homeowner, you must possess relevant knowledge and information to ensure that it serves the purpose efficiently.

Here are a few things which you should know before installing a skylight for your roofing system:


Since there are many types of a skylight, you need to be sure that which type of skylight would be suitable for your home. For that, you can consult the guide to understand the attributes and pros & cons of each different option.


Some homeowners just intend to add beauty to their roofs through skylight which make them compromise on the quality. However, it is very important to get high-quality skylight installed on your roof to make it last longer.

Otherwise, it may end up causing devastating effects on the environment and the roof of your home. So, you need to invest in the quality to avoid regretting later in your life.

Right Placement

It is important to plan the placement of the skylight before cutting any section of your roof. If you don’t have a blueprint or sketch ready in hand, you might end up causing damage to your roof shingles.

Also, you can hire any of the professional roofing contractors for roof repair Macomb county Michigan and to get the assistance in making the right placement and orientation of your skylight. It is also necessary to make the skylight energy-efficient for your roof.

Weather Conditions

When you decide to get your skylights installed, you must also consider the current weather conditions. If there is any chance of heavy rainfall or snowstorm, you need to wait till it ends. Otherwise, it may end up complicating the installation process of the skylight.

Safety Precautions

If you intend to install your skylights on your own, you need to acknowledge its associated risk factors. It is important to consider safety precautions by checking the stability of the ladder or wearing protective masks. Since it is quite a dangerous task, it is recommended to leave it to a professional who is trained to do the job safely.

Waterproof Flashing

You may get a kit which comes with flashing to make the skylight waterproof. It is a very important thing which you must know and follow to keep the water and snow away from the skylight.

 If you don’t pay heed to the waterproofing aspect, you may end up dealing with excessive water damages during extreme weather conditions.

Add Insulation

Adding a layer of insulation on your skylightcan also make things a little easier for you. It would help eliminate the chances of moisture and condensation which are one of the most common issues of roofing.

Choose a Renowned Company

You need to make sure that you hire a renowned company to get your skylight installed right in the first place. As a result of faulty installation, you may have to bear costly expenses and damages.

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