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2020 is upon us and what better time to start this year by giving your house a complete makeover. No harm has ever come by giving your home a new look if you know what you are doing. Transformation isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As a matter of fact, it is essential to keep up with the growing demands of life. Humans aren’t the only ones that can undergo a transformation. Just like you, your home is also a series of evolutions and special moments and with some proper guidance, you can create a space that’s truly your own. Even a few tweaks from changing wall colors to shutters and windows can transform a home. And if you’re lucky enough to be in Australia and if your budget allows you to get it from there then there are one of the best plantation shutters Sydney has to offer.

Some of you might still be wondering why even care? It is true that renovating your home can be a dauntless task but focusing some low-key elements can give it a refreshing facelift. Some studies also suggest that renovations can make the market value of that home skyrocket. In case, you plan to sell your home in the future giving it a facelift is a good idea as you are getting great returns. Basically, you are killing two birds with one stone. Not to mention, your home is your representation. It greatly influences your mood and how much fun you have.

‘Budgeting’ Is the Name of The Game

The key to successful makeover projects is budgeting. Purchasing new stuff shouldn’t break your bank. You just need to stick with the most important aspects and you can complete your makeover in less. Abiding by your budget is always a difficult task especially when it comes to giving your house a facelift.  Even if you think giving your house a makeover is just a dream, it’s important to do some research right away. Think of renovation as an investment, not a cost. It is true that not everyone has the finances to start bulldozing bathrooms and replacing them with spas, every homeowner can benefit from the fact that no matter the budget there is always something that needs improvement. So, how can you give your home a lively makeover? We will start with some basics and from there you can figure what best suits your needs and desires

Colors…Need I Say More?

Colors alone have the most significant impact when it comes to house makeovers. There are some colors that are more prominent than the others and some that you are better off avoiding. For example, opting for bold and bright colors is a good idea as compared to dull ones. You can kick start your makeover project by applying a new layer of paint on the walls. You can make use of the same old color and design that was applied before or you can choose a completely different color or design. The sky is the limit when it comes to playing with color palettes.

You might be tempting for gentle blue or something red that synergizes with your walls? Whatever the case, when selecting a palette for the most personal space in your home, select something that appeases you. Neutral colors aren’t a bad idea either and will suit most people. You can also opt for wallpapers and decals if you’re running low on budget. Mirrors and screens can also be added to enhance your home’s beauty.

Furniture Gets Boring Overtime

New Year can be a good excuse to get rid of your old furniture. The old sofa, the bed even the dining table can be replaced for cheap with newer options available in the market. Plus New Year comes with a lot of discounts on these items so, add these valuables to your list next time you head over to the market. Replacing furniture can be a good idea but not all of us get the luxury of spending money on them. Changing the fabrics and upholstery is a neat alternative if you plan to do your makeover on a tight budget.

One more thing, don’t forget to shuffle up your stuff. This is a very underrated strategy when it comes to house makeovers. Let your space breathe, a little bit of shuffling goes a long way. Your sofa can be placed closer to the sidewall and the dining table can sit in the center. This can trick the viewer’s eye and your room will appear bigger than usual.

A Touch of Wood

Wooden elements are a pleasing sight in any living room. A wooden sofa set or coffee table is an ideal addition that can synergize with any color. It also provides a rustic feel to your living room. You can add various wooden items such as beams that are purely decorative. Getting a headboard is also a good idea, it’s basically a simple piece of decorated wood you can use to lean your pillow against, and its orientation can be adjusted according to your liking. A valuable addition to your living if you ask me.

Clutters Are A Big No-No

Remove the excess stuff that’s lying around here and there. De-cluttering will be an addition to the beautiful appearance of your home and make the renovation process impressive as well as expressive. Those clutters are just a nuisance as they serve no purpose other than occupying your valuable space. Just donate those excessive items to charity or to people that actually need it. You can place some mounted shelves to place your mementos and books so people can actually see them. BONUS TIP: You can add your books in some marble-sized papers to make them more appealing.

Don’t Forget The Bathrooms

Jokes aside, bathrooms are where we spend a lot of our time. Whether it be taking care of ‘business’ or just relax and take a warm shower, it helps to divert our minds from everyday problems. You can start giving your bathroom a much-needed makeover by replacing the shower nozzle. Also, replace your faucets if they are faulty. An elegant faucet will give your bathroom a modern look. If you think your washroom is small, don’t worry because adding in a few mirrors will make it appear more spacious. Still not satisfied? change your floor mats and replace your old school shutters with new ones from empire window furnishings if you are living in Australia.

In The End…

Whatever you decide, at the end of the day it’s about how you feel and what you want your bathroom to look like. Just do some research prior to your home’s makeover and you’ll be okay. If you want a more modern and elegant feel – Don’t think twice! It is true that some designs are a bit more expensive, but you can look up some cool ideas on house makeovers on Pinterest. Wooden looks never get old, and you can never go wrong with it. It will provide you a rustic yet luxurious look. Just do some research prior to starting your renovation process – when it comes to creativity as sky is the limit. Good Luck!!!!

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