lawn irrigation in summer | how to watering garden in summer

Keeping your lawn healthy all throughout the warmer season is a huge undertaking. With the summer sun bearing on your yard, you will be tempted to reach for the hose or sprinkler often. But can you be watering too much?

Take a look at the guidelines below to take better care of your lawn in the summer. Know when to water, how much to water, and how often to water and enjoy a healthy lawn all year.

When to Water

Mornings are best for watering your lawn. Do it between 4:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. The morning air is cool enough for water to have time to seep through the roots. You also don’t have to worry about water clinging to the grass because your turf will have all day to dry. For those who go to work early, consider weekend mornings as your lawn watering time.

Do not water your lawn in the afternoons even though your grass may look pitiful under the summer sun. Watering in the afternoon will lead to water evaporating quickly and not reaching the roots of the grass.

Additionally, watering in the evening is also not the best idea if you want to avoid lawn disease. This happens when water is retained in the blade of grass, the perfect condition for fungus to thrive.

How Much to Water

Now that you have the schedule figured out, it’s time to consider how much to water your lawn. The rule of thumb is to moisten the soil for about six inches down. This is the standard depth of a healthy grass root system.

How Often to Water

The summer season doesn’t see a lot of rain. To keep your lawn healthy, you will not want to rely too much on natural rainfall. Your lawn needs about an inch to 1.5 inches of water per week in order to stay in peak condition during the summer. Take note that this amount is the total from both rainfall and your irrigation. In other words, the watering frequency will rely on your location.

What Tools to Use

The best solution for over- or underwatering your lawn is to have a reliable sprinkler system like Hunter sprinklers. A built-in type is a good investment, especially if you don’t see yourself moving to a new house in the near future.

For a more portable solution, there are sprinklers that you can attach to your garden hose. They work just as well as in-ground types do and can be of great help in keeping your lawn healthy all summer long.

Keep the Grass Greener on Your Side of the Fence

Aside from knowing how much, when, and how often to water, keep in mind that the kind of grass you have also matters. The grass’s maturity will also be a factor in keeping it healthy in any season too. Additionally, soil type should be considered as well since grasses absorb and retain water in different ways. Armed with the guidelines above, you will know for sure if you are watering too much. Keep the tips in mind, and you will soon have a lawn that your neighbors will envy.

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