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Tree cutting is the term used for removing certain branches and stems from a tree. It is used to make the tree’s canopy thin which makes the tree easier to get more air and sunlight. Thus, it makes the tree healthy and helps it against diseases. It is also used to remove the branches that are unhealthy such as damaged and diseased branches which may damage the tree if not removed.

Aside from the unhealthy branches, you can cut limbs of your trees which are against other limbs or competing with the other limbs.

When to Cut Your Trees

Knowing when to cut your trees is important so that your tree may recover fast from the cut. The seasons that are good to cut your trees are winter and summer. While winter and summer are good seasons, it is opposite during the fall.

The most common season of cutting trees is during winter. It is also the best choice to pick because it makes the tree grow more in spring. The best time to do tree cutting in winter is when the winter’s coldest part have passed. There are some types of trees that can bleed like maple, beech, yellow wood, and birches. The term bleed pertains to the way the sap of the tree flows when there is an open part anywhere on the tree. Don’t be bothered by it. It is just normal and will stop when the leaf begins to grow. It will not be going to damage your tree and it is not harmful.

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Another season suitable cutting the branches that you want to get rid of is during summer. This process is called dwarfing. It is used to direct growth. When you cut your trees, the development of trees slows down because the leaves of it have been lessened. As the leaves are reduced, the food that a tree can produce is also reduced which will be forwarded to the roots for the tree growth. Also, it is more convenient to look for defective limbs during this season.

As for the fall, one must avoid tree cutting during this season as it makes it recover slower for the trees. This is because, during this season, fungus spreads pores.

After tree cutting, avoid using wound dressings and as well as tree paints. Just let the natural healing process of your tree occurs.

Tree Removal

It is not easy to decide when to remove a tree that is starting to have issues. You can just leave it there if it will not cause any harm to anyone or any structure beside the tree. In fact, it will be beneficial to some animals such as small birds. The dead trees can be their homes. They can use it as a nest.

If you don’t want your tree to be dead and you have money to save it, then you can do so. What you should do is remove or get rid of the parts of the tree that are dead and make sure that you give the tree plenty of water. But if the tree becomes dangerous, then you should decide to remove it for safety purposes.

Article Summary
Tree cutting is essential to keep your tree healthy and free from disease. The best seasons to do these are winter and summer. You should avoid it during fall as your tree will recover slower. Tree removal might be necessary if it poses any harm to anyone or its surrounding.

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