Stone Veneer Siding

Siding has now become a way to enhance the look of your house rather than using it for protection purposes. Since the trend is now towards the appearance only people have started opting for materials that give a beautiful look to the house. These are the siding which has a good texture along with the variety of colors being offered. The color scheme holds great importance for the homeowners and they wish to get the materials that provide a bigger range of colors. When looking for these type of materials they often end with stone veneer. It is a fairly new material and is used mainly when the homeowners are interested in an attractive exterior. When the material is installed the correct way it gives a long durable life but the installation is not always done the right way which leads to several issues. The problems that might occur are listed below and you should look into it before buying the material.


The thing about the stone veneer is that it isn’t real stone. It is the processed stucco which is painted to give the look of stone. This fact is the reason why the material also is prone to moisture trouble. To make sure that the issue of moisture doesn’t bother the siding you must get the installation done as recommended that is leaving gaps above the ground so that the material doesn’t rot as the contact is made with the ground. The problem with this material is that once a part of it rots the entire material rots.


The choice of stone veneer makes it evident that the homeowner is interested in appearance only thus the installers mostly don’t take into account that the material is actually stucco and the prevention to make sure that the interior is not damaged is not actually done. This leads to the damage to the interior of the house. The correct use of a vapor barrier and rainscreen will save the interior from damage. If that isn’t done the moisture and leakage will damage the interior and mold will start to appear.

Roofing complexity:

As discussed the problem of moisture the material rots very soon when in contact with the ground. The same principle is applied to the roof. The siding should be placed in a way that it has a gap from the roof. If this is not done, which mostly isn’t, will result in the rotting of the siding first and once that happens the roof will also catch mold and things will go haywire. You will then have to make repairs for the damaged interior, the siding and also the roofing. The best solution in this situation is to take the right preventive measures and get the installation done correctly.

Although appearance matters a lot it should not be forgotten that the durability is something that needs to be focused on when buying material for any use. If you are interested in getting this material then the discussion with reliable siding contractors for the installation of new siding downriver Michigan is really important.

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