New Roof Install

When it comes to making any changes to our houses, we are simply afraid, one for the change and two for the length that it would need to make the change. It is obvious that no one likes to have unknown contractors working on top of the head for several days, it creates privacy problem, the noise it makes it another issue. We all just want to get things done on the roof as quickly as possible for obvious reasons. For this a lot of us do not mind adding a new set of shingles to our old roof.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about roofing because most people want to get roofing work done quickly and installing a new roof on top the old one takes lesser time than de-nail the old one and then adding the new one.

If you search for roofing contractors Canton Michigan then there would be several contractors who would do it without any questions asked. It is because roofing or re-roofing is kind of like a onetime deal, most contractors do not expect you to hire them back because of usually a roof if it is well maintained, would last for 20 years. That is the reason why your roofing contractor may not oppose if you ask them to install a new set of shingles onto your old shingles. But experts suggest it is risky because your roof can collapse any moment if your old shingles are not in a good condition.

Many houses have multisets of shingles on their roof. If you add another set of new shingles onto your already existing multi-layered roof, chances are high that your new roof would not last for a long time. In this case, it is best to get rid of all the old shingles and install a single layer of shingles. It would take a longer time, but it would last longer too.

If you have a single layer of well-functioning shingles on your roof, then you can add a new set of shingles. This would not be a bad idea. But you need to monitor properly if your old shingles are in good condition or not. If there are any cracks, of they are curled or bucked. Check if the shingles are losing granules all around. This is a clear sign of decay.

There are other things to consider too. If you have shingles that are lighter than the old shingles, then it would not be wise to add light shingles on top of heavy ones because it would not last much longer. Ridges and old bumps would show quite soon through the new set of lighter shingles.

Take your decision wisely before taking the final go onto re-roofing. In terms of saving money and time, you may end up spending a lot more time and money in the future if you take a wrong decision. From your point of view it may seem like a good idea, but do go for a second and third opinion from someone who knows a little bit about roof repairs and replacements.

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