replace roof in summer

Many cities in winter often have heavy snow. In the cold winter, it is most easy to find that the roof has water leakage problems, and occasionally there is a strong wind, the damage to the roof is the biggest, and the old roof leakage has now been regarded as the most common problem in houses! However, it is not possible to replace the new roof during the rainy season. If someone try to repair it, the problem will again come in no time. So, when spring comes, and the weather gets better, it’s time to start preparing to repair or replace the roof. This is the best time. The average replacement period for a roof is 15 years. If your roof is already quite old or older than 15 years, or even 20 years, then it is imperative to replace the roof!

The most important thing to change the roof is to know what material is used on your own roof. Roofs with different slopes use different roofing materials. For example, inclined roofs are most commonly used for wood chips, asphalt (or fiberglass) sheets. Low-angle roofs are often made of sandstone asphalt roofs, welded large asphalt sheets or aluminum metal. Each material has its own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. But the most important thing is whether the use of the inclined roof material cannot be used on low-slope roofs and vice versa. For example, if a low-slope roof is made up from the wrong bitumen (or fiberglass) sheet, it will greatly increase the chance of water leakage.

In addition, it is also very important to increase the ventilation system of the roof. Many old roofs are not well ventilated, causing problems such as mold and water leakage. Therefore, when changing the roof, special ventilation is required!

If you want to repair the roof, the most important thing is to know where the problem is. 

Of course, on a good sunny day, it is best to go to the roof and inspect it. However, if the roof is too high or too tilted, it is impossible to walk on it. You can walk into the Attic when it rains to find out if there are any leaks. Then mark the leaking place, which is easy to repair in the future. 

It should be noted that places where the roof is convex, the air vent, the chimney are the places that are most prone to water leakages. Of course, places that are blown away by the wind or very old roofs also need to be noticed and repaired! If your roof is damaged, then you really need to contact reliable contractors for roofing Dearborn Michigan So you could avoid further damage.

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