While investing in a brand new roof is a huge commitment, you might be surprised to find out just how much value it can add to your property. In that case, those who are looking to sell their home sometime in the near future should definitely consider a new roof.

A new roof will enhance the safety of your home

Your roof is the most important part of your home because it keeps you and your family protected. Although UK weather isn’t the worst in the world, storms are becoming more common, so it’s always good to be prepared for the worst. Depending on the age of your current roof, it may be riddled with defects and damages that can be a cause of worry for any potential buyers. More often than not, it can prompt them to ask for a reduction in the asking price to cover the costs of repairs. It’s worth bearing in mind that even the most minor issue can become a huge problem if it isn’t dealt with effectively so if you do discover any damage it might be worth replacing the roof completely just to be safe. A roof with proven longevity is often at the top of every homebuyer’s list so contact roofers in Newcastle today that are happy to help you out.

A new roof will improve your home’s exterior aesthetics

The exterior of your home plays a huge role when the time eventually comes to sell. To make your home stand out, update your roof with modern materials, colours and styles that can boost your kerb appeal. Research has shown that a brand new, modern roof can give you a return of up to 63% which knocks the value offered by a new bathroom or kitchen completely out of the water. So, for example, if you were to spend somewhere in the region of £4,150 on a new roof, your home’s price tag could be upped by as much as £6,750.

Solar Panels on House Roof

A new roof will improve energy efficiency

A new roof will give you the perfect opportunity to make your home as energy efficient and as eco-friendly as possible. Choosing sustainable roofing materials, for example, can result in a considerable decrease in the amount of energy that your home uses. A professional roofing contractor should be able to advise you on the best material for your home, one which will result in both a warmer home and a reduction of energy bills. If you use solar panels, your energy use will be decreased even further. After all, solar energy will be your primary source of power throughout the day. Of course, if solar panels are something that you’re seriously considering, it’s vital that you make sure your roof is in the right condition for their successful installation.

We’re not suggesting that you replace your roof today, but if you want to add value and longevity to your property, it’s something that you should certainly consider.

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