Holland Village Nightlife

Holland Village is the most popular dining and shopping neighborhood in Singapore. Also, the place is full of nightclubs, bars, and restaurants to bring unlimited fun to visitors and residents.

As the most renowned tourist attractions spot, with the best shopping malls around the world, Holland Village received a considerable number of visitors every day, most of whom come to stay for some days. But the law of Singapore doesn’t allow landlords to rent houses to tenants for a period of fewer than 6 months.

So, being new to this place can be difficult without knowing what to do and where to go, especially at night.

Along the Holland Road is Dempsey Hill. Here, you will find the best cafe sets to bring you the most comfortable stay. That makes it pretty popular even when it’s still a younger choice for expatriates. That isn’t enough; you will get cuisine of your choice for the whole night. But then why will one feel comfortable being at Holland Village even at night?

Where to Go & What to Do at Night: Holland Village Chronicles.

▪ Tawandang Microbrewery

This is a blend of Thai and German culture specializing in three main beers of German make – lager,  and Dunkel, whose ingredients ate imported directly from Germany. Besides, the restaurant brings you the most favorite Thai dishes such as deep-fried sea bass, spicy sauce weisen and the all-time tom yam goong in coconut milk. Also, you’ll find pork knuckle, — perfectly prepared for your memorable party. Also,  you may want to try the meat tenderness.

▪ The White Rabbit

On your way to Dempsey Hill, there’s a white stone chapel, formerly managed by British Army, which was eventually refurbished and renovated into Alice in Wonderland;- a restaurant serving romantic and classic dinner of European taste; making it an appealing resting place for the weekend.

So, finding a place to rest for the party is easy when at One Holland Village; restaurants are only a few-minute walk. And when it gets busy, you will have all the best experience, but then you may need to book the room as early as possible; at least before Saturday; interestingly, it gets busier on Sundays here and booking on time will take away all the complicated headaches of rush hour.


Holland Village is a hotspot for fun, shopping, and experience of the world’s most beautiful art. No wonder, tourists flood here every day in hundreds and thousands. Are you planning to come shopping here in the summer? Book early and avoid the stressful last-minute rush!

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