Greenhouse gardening is a scientific method of growing plants and you can build your own greenhouse in your garden. If the space permits and your garden plan can accommodate you should have a small greenhouse or a mini greenhouse in your own your garden. It is a great idea indeed. A small greenhouse in your own garden will help you in many ways. In case you do not have enough space and money to invest for a full-scale greenhouse you may not worry anymore. You can easily build your own greenhouse that could be a small greenhouse or a mini greenhouse for your newly planted greenhouse seeds.

Mini Greenhouses Best for Greenhouse Seeds

Such types of mini greenhouses serve multiple gardening purposes. A mini greenhouse in your own garden will allow seedlings to grow healthily. Everything starts with sowing seeds in appropriate containers. There are specific trays and saucer-type containers that can be used for this purpose. Vegetable seeds can be comfortably sown in these trays. Greenhouse seeds have been found growing better and healthily subsequently.

Build Your Own Greenhouse

You can grow varieties of seedlings in such trays and put them into self-build mini greenhouse. Some of my favourite seedlings would possibly include several varieties of cucumber, tomatoes, and pumpkin. Seeds of these plants are small so you can simply sprinkle them thinly on the soil surface. You can see small grass like plants coming up after very soon.

In order to identify correctly, you can put a specified label to each plant so that the placement of each plant would be properly arranged later when you sow them directly into the sandy soil. It is also better using seedling raising mix. You can buy prepared seedling raising mix from your garden store.

Build Your Own Greenhouse for Germination

You need to learn how to build a greenhouse and growing plants in a greenhouse. Although you will find greenhouse kits and even a ready-made portable greenhouse that can easily be bought from any good greenhouse supply store but you may like to build a mini greenhouse of your own.
A little intelligent work and innovativeness is required to learn how to build a cheap greenhouse. Greenhouse plastic is a specific greenhouse material that you can easily buy from garden supplies stores in your area. You must explore if suits to your pocket as well. An indoor greenhouse is another option that you may think for. Growing plants in a greenhouse is more effective and you can even buy greenhouse seeds for germination from the greenhouse supplies stores.

Greenhouse Gardening

Growing Plants in a Greenhouse

Germination comes in as the next issue and you can use hot water bottles for creating warm conditions around the seed. You can fill the water bottles with boiling water and wrap these bottles in multiple layers of bubble wrap. This will create almost perfect insulation and the water bottles will retain their heat. Put the seed trays on top of these bottles.

As far as the greenhouse seed germination is concerned this process is appropriate and arrangements are sufficient but you need help seeds with a conducive environment also. You can build a mini greenhouse with the help of empty plastic doona pack or similar greenhouse material. The hot water bottles and seed trays on top of them can be easily put in this mini greenhouse. Use of plastic in itself provides enough support and stiffness so that the greenhouse will stand up. In addition to this, you may also add support of two or three sticks to sustain the small greenhouse up.

Hot water bottle will lose their heat after some time though slowly. You should refill these bottles with extremely hot water when needed. This may be required to be done for at least two or three times a day and this may continue for up to six or seven days. The latent heat supplied to the greenhouse seeds will help them germinate faster. Once the seeds come up they do not require the same amount of heat anymore.

After the seeds are germinated completely they can easily be brought into direct sunlight and can be planted outdoors as well. Such types of most economically created and cheap greenhouses are best for growing vegetables of your own choices in your own garden. Vegetable gardening with the help of greenhouse gardening techniques in these times of global economic recession is the best option for many households worldwide and such small tips will certainly help gardeners.

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