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Most people consider their fireplace area as the centre of warmth and a place where everyone gathers around after a long day.

With this in mind, the most common area for the fireplace, which is the living room, would be the effortless pick and not something to argue about. Nonetheless, if you’re thinking of installing a gas fireplace in your home, definitely take the time to consider the location of both functional and aesthetic appeal. Here are some of the best areas to install a designer fireplace in your home:

When One Is Not Enough

Create a sense of balance by placing two fireplaces on either side of the room rather than installing one at the centre. Both fireplaces can work hand in hand in providing warmth to the entire area, or you can also design them with different functions. For instance, one can provide heat indoors while the other one is for the outdoor area.

designer fireplace

For Your Central Heating

Before you settle on the location of your designer fireplace, you should first check the other heat sources in your home. If you have already installed a heating system, have a look at the position of the vents and mount the gas fireplace respectively. While style and design are important, the function is even more necessary. If you do not have a central heating system, then consider placing your gas fireplace in between the living area and the dining room. If you have an open-space layout, a designer fireplace also makes for an inviting centrepiece.

Place It In the Office

Placing a gas fireplace in your home office can instantly liven up an otherwise isolated room. Just because your office is a place of work and business doesn’t mean it needs to feel dull and unwelcoming. Install a small fireplace on a wall to create a cosy ambience while you’re catching up on some work. You’ll be surprised at how homey it can feel!

designer gas fire

Corner Gas Fires

Fireplaces don’t always need to look grand—even the smallest ones produce warmth and comfort in your home. A corner fireplace can fit perfectly in different areas and can heat up your home. This particular design of gas fire creates a sense of ambience to your home, no matter the size.

suspended designer fireplace

The Suspended Design

Most fireplaces, especially the traditional ones, are usually mounted on a wall. However, if you want to veer away from the norm, a suspended fireplace design may be the one for you. This can be a game changer for those homeowners who don’t have enough room on their walls for a fireplace. These stand-alone gas fires have a luxury appeal to them, and some can even be fully rotated so you can easily shift the heat.

outdoor designer fireplace

For The Outdoors

You don’t need to own a large backyard in order to entertain your relatives and guests. Placing a fireplace at the centre can easily create a cosy ambience for everybody to enjoy!

Whatever you may choose, what’s important is how well it appeals and works to your modern home. Hopefully, you’ll consider how designer fireplaces can make your home a more welcoming place.

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