led parking lot lights

Light Emitting Diode or LEDs as they are popularly called has brought about a revolutionary change in the world of interior and exterior lighting. Look around and almost every lighting fixture you see these days is LEDs. And it is not surprising why they are being increasingly used everywhere from homes to offices and commercial places to public parks. If you are building a new parking lot or remodeling the existing one you should have no doubt in your mind as far as pole mounted and other lighting products you need to install. If you are looking for convincing reasons to install LED parking lot lights here are some of the advantages of premium version LED lights that you can’t ignore –

  • Style Quotient – A parking lot doesn’t need to be a dull and boring place where cars are parked while owners are busy with business or other activities. Whether it’s the parking lot of your office or that of your car dealership you can make a statement with premium version of LED parking lot lights. They come in different forms and styles to meet your needs. Check out the range of outdoor LED lights that are available and choose one that suits your styling needs as well as your budget.
  • Better Performance – What separates a good parking lot from a bad one is how safe the patrons feel when it is dark. Are there dark areas in your parking lot that are being used by drug addicts and other people with malicious intentions? The idea being installing LED lights is to have better illumination at your parking lot. This can directly benefit your business and more customers and clients would like to visit you after dark hours.
  • Energy Saving – By installing LED parking lot lights you’d be able to cut down on your energy consumption by 50-60% conservatively. There are parking lots that haven seen reduction of energy consumption by as much as 70% installing premium version of LED lights. And this energy savings comes along with better lighting as you would be able to install many more lights in the parking lot without working about factors such as energy load.
  • Low Maintenance – Outdoor lighting fixtures require more maintenance than those installed indoor. This was the conventional logic with traditional lights. LED lights on the other hand require lesser maintenance compared to traditional HID lamps that were used to light up parking lots. They have a longer service life and can withstand weather elements better than traditional lights which make them very popular with customers. 

Aren’t these advantages convincing? We bet they are. While premium LED parking lot lights were expensive in the past their costs have come down in the recent years which has increased their popularity. To install them in your parking lot you should get in touch with a contractor who installs premium versions of these lights and can tailor the plan to meet your requirements and cut down on your energy bills.

Summary: In this write-up, we take a look at some of the advantages of the premium version of LED parking lot lights and why you should install them for your next project.

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