Whether you have a vegetable garden, backyard garden or rose garden, gardening can be quite frustrating if the right tools and tricks are not applied. There are umpteen number of aspects to remember when it comes to gardening. Yet, it remains as one of the most popular pastimes around the world. Reading magazines is a great way to find tools that can actually make gardening easier. You can also read a comprehensive guide on How Stuff Works, but here are some of the nine simple tips and tricks that will make gardening a lot easier than you would have ever imagined. And it will not take that long to read.

1. Salt deposits are a major problem when it comes to the clay pots.

However, they can be removed quite easily by using a solution of white vinegar, water, and the rubbing alcohol. This solution, in a spray bottle, can be a perfect tool to remove those deposits before planting any new stuff.

2. Using a nut gatherer can save time, effort, and your back as well.

That’s right, sometimes the simplest tools and ideas are the best. Picking up a variety of nuts with an easy to operate tool can boost your efficiency in the garden. This Weasel Nut Gatherer review will give you a better notion of this incredible tool.  weasel-nut-gatherer-review

3. Aphids are a major problem that needs to be eradicated as soon as possible.

It can be done in a cost-effective manner by using a strong jet of water, preferably from a hose pipe, and applying insecticidal soap. It is also possible to get rid of these lices by using a tape on the affected leaves. It is best applied on the underside of the leaves, a place where the lice prefer to hide.

4. Plants are normally given water,

but eco-conservationists follow a great tip to prevent wastage of a certain type of water – water used to steam or boil vegetables. Instead of pouring this water down the drain, it can be used as a water for plants in your garden. You would be amazed at how plants would respond to this nutrient rich water, which would be otherwise going down the drain.

5. Chamomile tea is great at controlling fungus.

It is common to find the young seedlings being affected by fungus and then being destroyed. Adding a small amount of tea to the soil layer just around the seedlings every week can provide some amazing results.

6. Drying herbs can be quite a cumbersome process,home-and-garden-images

but it can be done quickly and easily by laying them under a newspaper preferably in the seat of the car. Acting as a greenhouse, one would find that the herbs have been dried quite rapidly than through air drying. A bonus would also be the fresh smell inside the car.

7. A twine is one of the most used elements in the garden,

and it can be quite a difficult process to find it when we needed the most. A great way to store the twine is to place the ball of twine inside a small pot. One end of the twine can be pulled out through the drainage hole and then place the pot in an upside-down fashion.

8. Plants do love a dose of calcium now and then.

Instead of wasting the eggshells down the bin, it can be made into the form of a powder and then provided to the plants. It is an amazing source of calcium to those plants.


9. In order to prevent animals from destroying the garden,

one can place waste plastic forks so as to provide a disturbing element to the animals that try to graze on your garden. Unwelcome visitors looking to chew your pants will go away in an instant.

Apply these tips and tricks next time you’re doing work in your own garden. You’ll be suprised by how effective some of them are and you’ll reap the rewards very soon.

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